A renowned forensic psychiatrist assessing software billionaires charged with a $ 2 billion tax evasion scheme



Robert Blochman— — Software billionaire charged with the largest tax evasion case in American history, Since then who Claims to be in the form of dementia— Evaluated by a team of three doctors, including Park Diets, the country’s most renowned forensic psychiatrist.

Dietz testifies in a variety of well-known criminal cases, including against serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer, Unabomber, Beltway snipers, and mass slaughterer Jared Lee Ruffner. In addition to his position at UCLA School of Medicine, Dietz operates two companies focused on preventing workplace violence and forensic analysis of criminal activity.He consulted again Law and order And Law and order: criminal purposes.

In an order filed Monday afternoon, the U.S. District Court in Houston blocked Dietz in a recorded interview with two other doctors, psychologist Robert Denny and neurologist Lyanderby. Announced to evaluate Mann’s mental agility.

This millionaire wants everyone to move beyond his crimes

A Houston-based executive was charged in October on suspicion of plans to hide about $ 2 billion in revenue from the Internal Revenue Service for over 20 years. He pleaded not guilty.

The 39-count indictment is a shredded document, numerous codenames such as “permit” and “house” for his companions and enemies, a network of offshore entities, and their proceedings against a rare non-blockman. Prosecution agreement to cooperate with investigators in.

The 79-year-old boy was indicted in San Francisco, but after his lawyer claimed that billionaire suffered from a form of dementia, Brockman succeeded in moving the trial to his place of residence, Houston.

In a court petition, lawyers alleged that Brockman suffered from “Parkinson’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy body dementias, or” some combination “of all three.” The latter disorder is a fairly common cognitive disorder that occurs in men, especially over the age of 60, when: Brain nerve cells are damaged by protein deposits.

The evaluation will take place on September 13th in Houston.

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