A-Rod is in the “world of pain” after parting with JLo.How he covers it

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This time, the Royals are ready for Prince Harry to reveal more secrets to Oprah.

Joe Pugliese / CBS This Friday, a new multipart documentary on Harry and Opla’s mental health will be screened on Apple’s streaming service (Apple’s rivals alleged to have made a cool $ 100 million deal to Harry and Megan). Imagine the mild irritation of Netflix, which is touted as a documentary about general mental health, but you can learn more about Harry’s own story and how to rehearse it publicly. Invisible I’m probably most widely interested in the general public. Prince Harry and Megan Markle take advantage of Archie’s second birthday to raise money for the COVID vaccine Will Harry cry? Will he blame his father for failing to protect him in the wake of his mother’s death? Will he talk more about the exact nature of the treatment he received? Previously such an invasive and clear documentary outlook would have driven the royal family into a tailwind, but they must have been accustomed to it lately, and Buckingham Palace maintained the official social media royal account with Harry. Instead of celebrating Megan’s third wedding anniversary, he chose to focus on the news of Princess Beatrice’s pregnancy. In another regular semaphore, Kate Middleton noticed a spectacular reopening after the COVID at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Wearing a mask and a discreet Alessandra Rich dress, there were few so destructive statements of royal continuity. The theme of V & A’s large-scale reopening exhibition was, properly, Alice in Wonderland. If the monarchical system is in favor of Oprah and Sussex and is just completely indifferent to the now too familiar outlook that yet another brick bat is thrown there, it is certainly very convincing. I was doing a powerful job. Meanwhile, the Sussex camp was doing its best to raise the ante. The couple chose their wedding anniversary (has only three years walked down the aisle?) And announced on Archewell’s website that they would open a new community and vaccination hub in COVID-infected India. did. Meanwhile, the journalist was sent a personal note from Oprah, where she remembered that a new series was born from a conversation about mental health with Harry, and the trailer for the show was Harry, Megan, And even the image of Archie became heavier. Judging from both Harry’s trailer and promotional podcast interviews last week, Harry is ready to sacrifice his privacy for these films. It is well-known that the series includes an analysis of the mother’s posthumous trauma, her anger at her father’s cold parenting, and the “genetic distress” that he inherited. Harry’s use of his personal trauma to promote television shows once shook the spine of Buckingham Palace worshipers, but it is no longer the case. This week’s palace’s quiet self-confidence makes Harry and Megan’s previous attacks angry, embarrassing, and somewhat embarrassing for the individual families involved at the human level, but a great relief for the palace spinners. It reflects the fact that it is understood. Monarchy is a commonly beloved institution in Britain, especially Queen Elizabeth. Surprisingly, the first interview with Opla, who painted a horrifying picture of an uncaring racist institution, actually caused a flood of support for His Majesty. The death of Prince Phillip a few weeks later, the quiet stoicism of his lonely queen, and the COVID-compliant funeral only strengthened sympathy. The exposure that one of the Queen’s new puppies died in five months on Wednesday’s sun seems unlikely to have been ordered even by the most computational worshipers, but Megan and Harry in March. When the first attack on the royal family was launched in favor of Opla, the British approval rating for the monarchy was essentially unaffected, but the couples continued to do so, with their popularity declining significantly. I will. According to a YouGov poll conducted on May 17, about 60% of British people believe that couples should be stripped of the Duchess and Duchess titles or voluntarily stop using them. According to an interview with Opla, only 22 percent said they had sympathy for Megan and Harry, while their sympathy was with the Queen. Of course, in America, that was a very different story: YouGov US asked Americans the same question and found that only 13% favored the Queen and 29% favored Harry and Megan. Another example: YouGov US polled 1,400 Americans after Opla: 54 percent said they had a “favorable” opinion on Harry, and 48 percent said they had a “favorable” opinion on Megan. I had an opinion. (Interestingly, only 10% of Donald Trump voters like Megan) Such numbers don’t bother the royal family-they eventually lost America long ago-but the state’s anomaly The difference tells a lot about the nifty marketing decisions Sussexes made. To focus their efforts on the United States, they have a much higher public support and liking rating (Harry). Fox News’ Sean Hanity called Harry “The Right Royal Pain in the Ass” (although it would work to avoid more incidents like his description as “Bonker” in First Amendment last week). Clip to call. The exact content of the show has not yet been revealed, but in reality few people go along to collect the pearls of mental health wisdom from other participants. Like Gwen Stefani. Everyone knows that it’s Harry’s story to be a box office here, and all the evidence available so far is that Harry blames his family for his own mental health problems. It suggests that you don’t hesitate when it comes to imposing lties. The reaction of the palace? 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