A runaway prison guard shot himself when a policeman approached her and the prisoner’s lover.

Sheriff Lauderdale County

Sheriff Lauderdale County

Beloved prison guard Vicky white Indiana and Florida officials confirmed on Monday evening that her prison beauty, Casey White, was captured after 11 days of anomalous execution.

“We caught them,” said Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding. WAAY 31They added that they were involved in a crash after police pursuit.

Vicky White, 56, was taken to the hospital with a self-harm gunshot wound, and 38-year-old Casey White surrendered and was detained, Outlet reported.

The wedding was a hard criminal with a reported desire for death when Vicky was asked if it was surprising that she triggered her, not her road trip companion. We don’t take what they say without any merit, and they can change all at once. “

The pair was found in a prison where they disappeared in Evansville, Indiana, just a five-hour drive from Florence, Alabama. Vicky’s former boss, Rhodedale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, confirmed their capture.

“Today we kicked a dangerous man out of the street,” Singleton said at a press conference. “He will never see the light of day again.”

The pair seems to have been finally canceled by the stolen car. Late last week Investigators found Vicky’s rusty SUV In the tow yard after Whites abandoned it from the interstate highway near Bethesda, Tennessee. Officials said another car, a black Ford pickup truck, was reported stolen in the same area at the same time. Investigators then tracked the stolen car to Evansville, about 100 miles north of Bethesda, on Monday.

They seem to have initially tried to evade the police before capsizing the truck and getting caught. According to the singleton, Casey was driving.

Vicky was a model employee who claimed to have attended a doctor’s appointment after taking Casey White to a courthouse appointment on April 29, after working in a prison in Lauderdale County for 25 years.

However, they did not arrive and instead drove a Vicky police car to a shopping center 10 minutes away and jumped into a rusty-colored Ford Edge SUV. Vicky bought a few days ago using a fake identity..

“I don’t know who I can trust,” Singleton told reporters. “As you know, I trusted Vicky White a little bit. She was an exemplary employee. And what inspired her in the world, or to pull her something like this I don’t know if I urged him. I don’t know if we can know. “

Casey, a giant 6’9 prisoner adorned with white supremacist tattoos, has served for 75 years, among other things, to try to kill her ex-girlfriend and kill her dog. He was also waiting for a trial to kill another woman.

It was not immediately clear if Vicky could survive her wounds. “I hope she gets through this,” Singleton said. “… she has some answers to give us.”

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