A Russian soldier in Bucha during the execution was identified for spray-painting an Instagram handle at a civilian home.

You can see the cityscape with burnt tanks scattered around.

Burned Russian tanks are scattered along Voksarna Street in Bucha. There, a line of Russian military vehicles heading towards Kieu was destroyed by Ukrainian troops. Bucha, Ukraine, April 4, 2022.Erin Tribe for Insiders

  • Reports of atrocities committed in Ukrainian Bucha have soared demands for war crimes investigations.

  • The new Reuters report identifies soldiers and troops in Bucha before the withdrawal.

  • One soldier was identified as his social media handle, Wolf_68, was spray-painted in the house.

Russian soldiers in Bucha left a direct clue to his identity during the atrocities: his Instagram handle sprayed onto a wall inside a Ukrainian civilian house. It is painted.

Reporter from Reuters He spent several weeks in Bucha, Ukraine, after Russian troops completed their withdrawal from the area around Kieu last month. They found the handle “Wolf_68” in a house where the inhabitants of Bucha were said to have been occupied by a group of Russian soldiers.

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Kirill Kryuchkov was identified using the handle. The outlet states that this handle used variations in social media accounts. Kryuchkov, from Pskov, Russia, posted a video on Instagram showing a Russian soldier drinking beer and smoking water gisel at a bar on April 19.

Two who knew Kryutkov confirmed his army with Reuters, and the other confirmed that he was in Ukraine. Kryuchkov did not respond to a message from the outlet asking for comment.

When Reuters contacted Kryuchkov’s friend Vitaly Scherbakov, he said:

Report Atrocities and potential war crimes After the withdrawal of Kyiv, it was poured from Bucha. Killing When rape Of civilians and mass graves.Seeking International Survey on Russian War in Ukraine I grew up with the suspect.

Reuters Report On Thursday, new details about what happened in Bucha were posted, based on interviews with nearly 100 residents, documents left by the Russian army, and photo and video evidence.

The outlets identified specific soldiers and troops in Bucha and linked some to specific acts of violence against unarmed civilians.

Russia Rejected report of atrocities committed in BuchaClaim the account is fake.

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