A SC woman bought a storage unit for a thrift shop. What she found “broke my heart”

When the thrift shop owner and her husband, who bid for a savanna storage unit in October 2021, looked up the latest discoveries and found that someone had left a cremated human body inside. I was surprised.

“It was one of the first things my son found,” said Meganley, owner of the My Angels Attic thrift shop in Jasper County. “My husband wanted to take them to the garbage dump, and I was like,” No, we can’t do that. ” “

With just the name, birthday, and date of death printed on one side of the pink marble jar, Lee took her to Facebook to track her family, she said. She posted on social media Savannah and Jasper County community pages, but no one seemed to know who the woman was. After sending a message to multiple people of the same name printed on the jar, or to someone who appears to be associated with a 79-year-old woman, she found her grandson living in Oklahoma.

“He wanted her,” Lee said. “They originally intended to pay the shipping costs, but he gave me an MIA.”

Despite some messages, she didn’t get an answer, she said. The woman who died in 2019 is also from Oklahoma, and Lee learned that her son was still in the Savannah area. She was able to get in touch with his wife. He told her to drive to Jasper County to pick up her Cremain. Again, Lee said, her family disappeared.

“I wouldn’t have expected to find someone’s ashes,” Lee said. “It broke my heart.”

Lee’s mother died two years ago, and she said she was “ravaged” if she had lost the ashes. When she first brought the female ashes home, she didn’t know what to do with them. She considered putting them in the ashes of her mother and the house next to her picture, but her family wasn’t very keen on the idea. Clement is currently sitting behind Lee’s van. She looks at them every day and tries to fill the gap in who the female is.

“I can’t hold her forever,” Lee said. “She is neither my mom nor my family.”

Jasper County Coroner Willy P. Aiken III said unclaimed Clement was unfortunately not a rare event. There are even decades of unclaimed Clement cases in his office, he said. He took Clement from Lee, contacted the family of the dead woman in his office, and offered to put Clement in the mass burial ground with others if there was no response.

Members of the female family did not immediately respond to the request for comment. Meanwhile, Ash remains in Lee’s van and she is working on a solution. When she returns the ashes to her family or when she “give up”, she tries to find a final break for them.

“My heart is soft,” Lee said. “I just have to give it a try.”