A scammer disguised as the Ukrainian Prime Minister calling the British Defense Minister

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace attacked Russia’s “dirty tricks” after being targeted by a scammer disguised as the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Wallace said he was suspicious after “some misleading questions” and ended the call.

The Defense Minister said it was a “desperate attempt”, but “the amount of disinformation, distortion and dirty tricks in Russia is a concern from human rights abuses made during the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s army. I couldn’t distract. “

Wallace revealed in a Twitter post that he was the target of a hoax call.

The fact that the hoax sender was able to speak directly with the Defense Minister raises security questions, especially given Mr. Wallace’s suggestion that Russia is behind it.

He states: “Today, a scammer who claims to be the Prime Minister of Ukraine tried to talk to me.

“He asked some misleading questions, and after becoming suspicious, I hung up.

“Russia’s disinformation, distortions and dirty tricks do not prevent Russia’s human rights abuses or breach of Ukraine.

“A desperate attempt.”

PA media