A scandal that should be making a noise in Canada but not


Scandals that aren’t currently upsetting Canada over military sexual misconduct are a classic case of rotten fish from the head. It’s not just green. Political class thrown into the alley when no one was watching: Smell? How does it smell?

Now, she says, a very credible claim to former Secretary of Defense Jonathan Vance was that he had two of his eight children as fathers because of a long-standing “inappropriate relationship” with his men. I will. But it didn’t support them. This was a bit of a danger signal.

I don’t know if that is true. However, we know that these claims were brought to very senior politicians three years ago, and that the Defense Minister and the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff disgustedly drove them away.

Now that Leak has entered Congress, politicians are in full politician mode. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland called these and other claims “deep, deep and awkward,” and then swung her arms effectively. “As I’ve heard from many reports in the past, it’s clear to me that the Canadian Army has some serious problems with sexual harassment and the treatment of women,” she said. And it has to end. How, ok, see what it says …

One of the obvious possibilities is to elect a mega-feminist prime minister who made half of the women in the cabinet “because of 2015” and then rely on him. -$ 1 billion over five years to help the Canadian Army “eradicate sexual misconduct and gender-based violence.”

We are in the red and spend our time in good faith. But is there additional civilian surveillance? Start the operation of the fog machine. “We want to assure them that we take it very seriously. Budgeting this measure is one sign of its seriousness and there is much more to come. “

This decisively soothing indecisive scent comes from above. Trudeau himself said, “We can say that we continue to work very hard and closely with various organizations to move forward in the right way. We need to say more soon.” Yes ,That’s right. I don’t want to hurry in. That is, the Defense Minister was not overwhelmed by the military ombudsman in 2018 when he was warned about Vance. Oh wait. is.

Still, Trudeau’s own chief of staff wasn’t warned about it in the same year … oh. Yeah. that too. Another senior staff member says he briefed her, but claims she didn’t speak to the prime minister. It’s not clear how he knew or why she didn’t. Doesn’t he care? Did she forget?

You may want to laugh. However, then-Privy Council Secretary Michael Welnick recently told the Commons Defense Commission, he knew, “admits he was off the radar in 2018.” I make concessions. But how does this key thing “off the radar” unless people don’t want to see it there?

Certainly one issue is our politician’s ability to ignorance of real-life issues such as security. When the army was fully awakened to the women in combat, we were promised not to adversely affect our psyche or combat readiness. But what do they know about either?

“Young women who want to serve their country need to know that it can be done safely,” Freeland said. safely? What a strange pitch for military service.

Did the young man, who registered in 1939, “need to know” if he could fight the U-boat, attack Dieppe, and station Hong Kong “safely”? And as politicians ran out of money in the military and couldn’t fight anyway, an important qualification for promotion to senior positions was motivated to deny the obvious problem.

Our ruling class also has a nasty Canadian custom of generally tolerating mediocrity, self-righteousness, and cheating. Vance allegedly boasted that he was untouched and “owned” the gendarmerie. However, given the frequency with which PMs were caught by cookie jars from their vacation in Aga Khan to SNC-Lavalin, and that RCMP, his party, or voters showed little interest in follow-up, Vance You know where you are You may have gotten that attitude.

To date, Trudeau claims that he only heard Vence’s claim from the media in February this year. So is it a mess? I don’t like it. “I’m confident in the people who made the decision at that moment,” Freeland told global journalist Mercedes Stephenson. “Each person you mention is a person who cares deeply about women, cares about a safe workplace, and cares about serving Canada.”

Yeah. They just don’t behave like that.

What is that smell?

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