A school in North Carolina reportedly accused a 15-year-old girl of lying after reporting sexual assault.

High school classroom

Inside one of the Cody High School classrooms. Courtesy of Green Standard

  • The 15-year-old girl took a leave of absence from school after a male classmate accused of sexual assault was charged with sexual assault.

  • Authorities forced her to participate in a training called “sexual harassment is preventable,” WBTV reported.

  • “They make her feel punished for coming out,” her mother told WBTV.

A North Carolina high school official was suspended after a 15-year-old girl said she had been sexually assaulted by a male classmate from a local CBS affiliate. WBTV report.

A teenager told Hawthorne Academy High School officials that his classmates improperly touched her in the bathroom. In response, school managers reported the allegations to police, but WBTV reported that they had accused the student of submitting false reports and stopped her from class.

Meanwhile, according to WBTV, a local police station has investigated the case and a male classmate is currently being charged with sexual battery charges against minors.

Neither the school nor the Charlotte-Mecklenberg police station immediately responded to insider requests for comment.

In an interview with WBTV, the girl said the schoolboy continued to harass her until one day his behavior escalated.

“He will come to the bathroom and push me into the food stall,” the girl said. “He put his hand in my pants and then he seemed to touch my chest.”

The girl’s mother told WBTV that the school had conducted her own investigation and “no evidence” to support her daughter’s allegations of sexual assault.

The school manager told her mother, “I will give her a day’s suspension.”

“I asked the principal, I said,” Well, if the police told me he did these things, he admitted them, and I have the right to accuse them. , You tell me this didn’t happen?'”Mother told WBTV.

The principal, on the other hand, allegedly told his mother that the police had “nothing to do with” the decision of Charlotte Mecklenberg School, the district to which the Hawthorne Academy belongs.

The principal also told his mother, “There is nothing else we can do about this,” WBTV reported.

According to WBTV, school officials forced a 15-year-old child to participate in a training called “sexual harassment is preventable.”

“They make her feel punished for coming out,” the mother said.

According to a local outlet, “it scares me because she came out and told me how difficult it is to tell the story to schools and police,” she added.

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