A sculpture of an ancient goddess found by a peasant in the Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip, Gaza Strip (AP) — Palestinian farmers found a rare 4,500-year-old stone carving while working on their land in southern Gaza.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, the 22 cm (6.7 inch) high limestone head is thought to represent the Canaanite goddess Anat, estimated to be around 2,500 BC.

“In Canaanite religion, Anat was love, beauty, and the goodness of war,” said Jamal Abu Lida, director of the ministry, in a statement.

Gaza, a narrow landing in the Mediterranean, boasts mountains of ancient ruins and archaeological sites as it was the main land route connecting ancient civilizations in Egypt, Levant and Mesopotamia.

However, the ancient relics found frequently disappear, and development projects are prioritized over the preservation of archaeological sites under urban sprawl needed to accommodate 2.3 million people packed into densely populated areas.

In 2017, the radical Hamas group, which had control of the Gaza Strip 10 years ago, A rare cananite settlement Give way to housing development for your employees.

And to this day, a life-sized statue of the Greek god Apollo, which emerged in 2013 and then disappeared, has not yet been discovered.

In January, a bulldozer digging up an Egypt-funded housing project Ruins of the tomb It dates back to Roman times.