A search dog from Mexico is at the surfside collapse site, working with crew around the world

Search and rescue operations at Champlan Towers South Building collapse site in Surfside includes an international non-profit volunteer group called Cadena trained in Israel.

Cadena Respond to over 1,000 natural disasters and humanitarian crises Erica Grants, Head of the International Emergency Sector in 26 countries since its establishment in 2005, said.

And while Grants is accustomed to coordinating the type of rescue team that works on the surfside, this mission is even more urgent for her.

“I personally know four of the missing people,” she said.

Moises Soffer, 36, has been a member of Cadena’s Go team for five years. Overcoming the rubble of a major earthquake in his home country of Mexico in 2017, he is sought after locally, where disasters and catastrophic emergencies are far more likely to occur in the form of hurricanes than building collapses. An experienced rescuer type.

Soffer has been on the scene since Friday afternoon. Along with six colleagues, his partner is Pomeranian Oreo (some Pomeranian, some Siberian Husky). Trained to find living victims In the event of a disaster.

“People are doing their best,” Soffer said. “The structure was unstable, so it took me a while to get started.”

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