A secret service agent assigned to Biden’s Middle East trip was detained and sent home. He reportedly assaulted a woman in Israel.

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President Joe Biden left Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport for Jerusalem on July 13, 2022.Pool via Gil Cohen Margen / Reuters

  • The Secret Service said one of its agents was detained in Israel after a “physical encounter.”

  • The unnamed agent was in Jerusalem, Israel, prior to President Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East.

  • He assaulted a woman at the bar, the report said. The agency said he was not charged but was sent home.

Secret service agents assigned to President Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East were detained in Israel and returned after a “physical encounter,” officials said Wednesday.

An unnamed male agent who was a member of the Secret Service Counter Assault Team was deployed to Israel prior to Biden’s arrival on Wednesday, CBS News reported. Teams usually provide security to the president for high-profile trips abroad.

Agents were accused of assaulting a woman outside a bar at Mahaneyevda Market in Jerusalem on Monday night. Times of Israel CBS News reported. The woman was not injured and had no allegations of sexual assault. NBC News reported.

Agents who were with colleagues at the time were accused of pushing women after they had a discussion, CBS News reported, citing three unnamed people informed about the issue. Two sources told the network that alcohol was involved.

A secret service spokesperson said in statements to several media outlets that Israeli police were called to the scene and agents were temporarily detained and cross-examined before being charged.

“Employees have returned to the United States,” a spokesman said on CBS News. CNN.. “According to the agency’s protocol, his access to the secret service system and facility was suspended until further investigation was conducted.”

The Secret Service did not immediately respond to insider comment requests.

Biden arrived in Israel on Wednesday and 4-day visit to the Middle East..He is expected to be in Israel on Wednesday and Thursday, and Fly to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, On Friday.

His itinerary includes a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman.Biden Protected His trip to Saudi Arabia as necessary to stabilize the oil supply swayed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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