A security video leaked from inside Robb Elementary School shows police officers stopping for hand sanitizer and escaping from shooters.


A screen grab from a video inside Robb Elementary School showing a policeman who killed 21 people and stopped for hand sanitizer outside a barricade classroom.

Screenshots from a video of Robb Elementary School shooting. Police officers can be seen standing still due to the building’s hand sanitizer.Austin American Statesman

  • video Austin American Statesman Released Shows footage from inside Robb Elementary School.

  • Police officers are seen wandering for 77 minutes on May 24, while school shooters continue to attack.

  • Police are also seen pacing in the hall, stopping for hand sanitizers and escaping from shooters.

With security Video acquired and released by Austin American Statesman and KVUEPolice can be seen wandering in the corridor of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on May 24 for more than 77 minutes and escaping from the shooters. Killed 21 people..

In the video, a policeman in a helmet and bulletproof vest pauses to use a hand sanitizer dispenser in the hallway just before the policeman breaks through the classroom and kills the shooter.

A 4-minute video of condensed clips from inside and outside the school during the May 24 shoot shooter He crashed his truck into the school grounds before entering the building. As he walks down the hallway, you can see a young student turn a corner, see a gunner, and see a man run away as he enters the classroom towards the end of the hallway. After that, you can hear the shooter firing in the classroom for two and a half minutes.

This clip shows more than 20 officers, some of whom are tactically equipped, waiting for more than an hour outside the classroom, while the shooters are in the classroom. I have a barricade. After hearing the ammunition fired, some police officers can be seen escaping from the classroom door.

While they were waiting, the children and teachers in the building were called 911, Asked for help..

Eventually, 19 fourth graders and 2 teachers died..

The video release has been the subject of intense scrutiny and debate as Uvalde police officers changed the story about the shooting. More than a dozen times..

“We need to release the video and audio,” said Governor Greg Abbott of Texas. KVUE, ABC affiliate, Austin, Texas In an interview on Monday afternoon before the leak. “Texans need to know, but frankly, the Uvalde people deserve to know exactly what happened, and I highly recommend that it happen very quickly. increase.”

Dustin Burrows, a member of the Texas House Special Committee investigating the shooting, said: Tweet At the beginning of Wednesday, the footage will be released on Sunday.

“The Commission will be convened in Uvalde at 2:00 pm on Sunday,” Barrows said. Said.. “We will first meet with members of the community, watch a video in the hallway, and give them the opportunity to discuss preliminary reports. Shortly thereafter, both will be open to the public.”

A Barrows spokesperson did not respond to insider requests for comment.

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