A shameless liar for Trump and the unruly Reagan relics? Republicans have bad choices.

What if you were married, went shopping, or voted for a high-level political leader (God forbidden) and had two options? Behind Door 1 is a group of liars and opportunists who live (or pretend to live) in a world without facts. Many of them are ivy leaguers, and they all expect to worship the working-class masses to win and maintain power. Principles who insist (lately) tell the truth behind Door 2 but have an unfortunate affinity for unpopular people Military intervention Starve federal funds and keep them smaller than most voters want.

And many of both groups are generous, regardless of their promises Tax reduction With the rich Highly exposed safety net For hard press.

This is the Republican Party today, with former President Donald Trump and New York State Congressman Elise Stephanik, and Wyoming State Congressman Liz Cheney and Utah Senator Mitt Romney representing the Republican Party. doing. And these are the dilemmas that we may face in the Republican primaries in 2022 and 2024.

Sarah Longwell, publisher of Nebertrump’s “breakwater,” reported that CNN had been expelled from the House’s leadership post for repeated remarks about Trump and his serious abuse of power, within five minutes. Asked Cheny to run for president. “”What’s left, but to keep leading?Longwell asked. “The next logical step is to challenge the authoritarians of her party for the greatest awards.”

Cheney is a 1980 Reagan Republican

I continue to think of Chenie as Liz of Ark. She revealed her intention to remain visible since she was burned at the stake, as she was kicked out of the leadership circle last week.She continues NBC, Fox news (((Twice), ABC, CNN And on Friday, 4 radio shows and 1 podcast (Includes the NH Today radio show in the first primary. Of course, she was asked about her presidency, and – shockingly – Did not exclude it).

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But Cheney is as many problems as the solution to what afflicts her party. She is a Ronald Reagan Republican, as revealed in an interview with NH Today. She wants to talk about lower taxes and the need for smaller government. This is a 40-year-old message that is out of step with today’s tax rates, the COVID-19 pandemic, income inequality, and racial injustice. But that’s the message that almost half of Republicans clearly think it’s okay to maintain. Only a small majority In a new CBS News poll, their party said they needed new ideas to attract voters. Almost half say they have enough voters and need to change their voting rules.

Ronald Reagan at the Republican National Convention in Detroit in 1980.

Ronald Reagan at the Republican National Convention in Detroit in 1980.

Back in 2008, a young reform-minded conservative couple urged the GOP to shift its focus from country clubs and business Republicans to the mid-working class to support traditional families. Barack Obama said, “Tax cuts on the supply side”Confined to jail for right-wing candidatessRoss Douzat and Rayhan Salam wrote in the post-election introduction to the 2009 edition of the Grand New Party. John McCain’s strategist is not serious about economic instabilityPress the button for cultural war.. “

The co-author cited a bipartisan NPR poll that tested policy ideas without the Democratic or Republican label. The result undermined the Republican belief that their position was popular. Even the Republicans supported the Democratic position on domestic policy, including a rollback of George W. Bush’s tax cuts and a focus on middle-class tax cuts. And only 38% of Republicans favored maintaining Bush’s tax agenda and reducing wasted spending () 66% consistent with tribe When it is labeled GOP).

Republican “autopsy” tragic artifact

The democratic domestic position remains more popular than the conservative position.The majority today Minimum wage of $ 15, union, More strict Gun control, COVID-19 relief, Immigrants Reforms, including the road to citizenship ( In arizona), Withdraw the army from Afghanistan And that role of government..

Where are your ideas? Biden’s work and family planning requires the United States to be prepared by the Republicans

The· Republican autopsy Romney’s ticket-leading party’s 2012 loss is a tragic relic in the light of President Trump. Trump won in 2016 by being inclusive and tolerant, welcoming immigrants and ignoring recommendations to pursue immigration reform. He sometimes worked in that direction, but in the office he did the opposite.That’s what happened to his promise to drain the swamp and replace Obamacare. Wonderful, amazing, wonderful, Much better healthcare.

So what’s the party’s path to 2024 hopes? South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says they have to accept Trump. “Can we move forward without President Trump? The answer is no,” he told Fox News this month to Sean Hanity. “I decided You can’t grow without him.“”

Accepting Trump means accepting his lie that he won the 2020 elections, but Joe Biden didn’t. It also means accepting legislation that makes voting difficult, increasingly lying that the deadly January 6 riots at the Capitol were a gathering of friendly visitors on tour. (Don’t worry about weapons, Navy flags, attacks on police officers, etc. Gallows for Vice President Mike Pence).

A shocking number of civil servants sounds at least all of them fine. Texas Senator Ted Cruz has recently been proud of his potential to become Trump’s rival in 2024. Leading opposition to the number of electoral votes In Congress, and Senator Missouri Josh Hawley Defended the salute of a clenched fist To the protesters of the Houses of Parliament.Florida Senator Marco Rubio called it “Stupid” and “arrogant” Try Trump for impeachment related to riots. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton said Congress had no authority to invalidate official state votes, but he was concerned about the election. “Irregularity“And the impeachment in 2021 is”Mob’s Law.. “

Quartet Voting loyalty Up to Trump, it ranged from 86.7% (Holy) to 92.1% (Cruz).

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President Trump and Senator Ted Cruz hug it in the trajectory of the campaign

President Trump and Senator Ted Cruz hug it in the trajectory of the campaign

Some never Trump Republicans are talking about third party, But it’s like a dream. The Cheneys envision returning to pre-COVID America in Reagan’s myth when big government is a villain and the rich tax cuts are slowly declining to save the poor.

Rubio and Holy have different illusions. That is, the Republican Party is the Workers’ Party. However, they voted against the popular COVID-19 rescue package, the $ 1.9 trillion US rescue program. Biden signed on March 11th.. In fact, none of the House or Senate Republicans supported a bill that would provide stimulus checks and other assistance to low- and middle-income households.And the two senators voted for the 2017 tax law Swoop for businesses and shareholders (And the Trump signed, just like any other Republican has).

The Republican creed these days is simple. Support Trump and oppose Biden. If it works in the next two elections, we will be plagued by years in the days of Trump and Reagan. American voters, including conservatives, need to think carefully about whether that’s what they want.

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