A shortage of merchants arises as EU workers leave

Man laying the courtyard

Man laying the courtyard

According to the founders of Homeserve, as European Union migrants leave the UK and demand for home renovations grows, there is a shortage of skilled trade workers.

CEO Richard Harpin said the shortage was “quite terrible” nationwide, not only in construction but also in other trade.

He wants the government to make more deals on it Job shortage list..

The Home Office was asked to comment.

Harpin, who also runs Checkatrade, said in the BBC Radio Four Today program that he attributed the shortfall to “mainly the return of EU migrant workers.”

“It’s really important to find a way to get them back,” he said, in order to deal with the “massive demand” for work.

“According to our survey at Checkatrade, 80% of homeowners plan to improve their homes with this, but only if there are enough deals to make home improvements,” he said. Said.

“I think this is a continuous phenomenon because we all have more life and work at home and want to do more.”

According to a recent report, all jobs in the UK are skyrocketing But there weren’t enough workers to fill the position.

KPMG’s worker demand increased at the fastest rate in May for over 23 years due to deregulation of Covid and the reopening of various sectors, but the number of staff capable of performing those jobs is the fastest since 2017. He said it decreased at a rate.

The hospitality industry It is especially affected by the shortage of workers.

Freight to Waterbrook Park Facility in Ashford, Kent

Freight to Waterbrook Park Facility in Ashford, Kent

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) states that the shortage of more than 100,000 HGV drivers has “reached crisis levels” due to a combination of factors, including increased supply chain demand.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, RHA stated that many of the 60,000 drivers from EU member states have returned due to Covid’s travel restrictions and “Brexit uncertainty.”

Richard Barnett, Chief Executive Officer, said:

“We don’t intend to solve this by training drivers, so we need access to the EU and EEA workforce,” he said.

He urged the government to introduce a temporary worker visa for HGV drivers and add that profession to the shortage list.

Harpin proposed two solutions to solve the shortage of skilled workers. Short-term moves to expand the government’s job shortage list and long-term plans to encourage more graduates to apprentice rather than go to college.

“What we are looking for in a points system is that these skilled transactions earn enough points, so [the EU workers] I can come back. “

“Currently, if you are an IT analyst, veterinarian, or graphic designer, you can go back to the UK, but it does not include bathroom fitters, kitchen installers, swordfighters, tree surgeons, locksmiths. Very long list. There is, “he said.

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