A six-year-old child died because the rider did not wear a seatbelt, Colorado reported.


A six-year-old child died in a thrilling ride at an amusement park in Colorado, and investigators said the ride operator didn’t check her seat belts.

Wongel Estifanos of Colorado Springs died of “multiple blunt trauma” after dropping 110 feet. Haunted Mine Drop McClutch News reports on a ride at Glenwood Cave Adventure Park.

she was Visit the park While spending a vacation with my family on Labor Day weekends.

According to a state survey on the death of a girl, she Sit on two Seat belts and The Denver Post reported. According to the magazine, she did not fasten her seatbelts to her body, and the passenger operator did not fasten her seatbelts.

NS The seat belt was still locked According to CBS Denver, with Wongel when he took his seat. The seat was previously vacant.

The two operators Riding work 9 According to the news, when Wongel got on. Both have been adopted within the last two months.

alarm The system told the operator According to Fox 31, there was a problem during the ride, but it wasn’t well trained to understand what it meant and what to do.

“Safety is our number one priority and always our number one priority. We have been working closely with the Colorado Department of Petroleum and Public Safety and independent safety experts to consider this case.”

Opened in 2017, Haunted Minedrop pushes riders “110 feet inside the dark depths of Iron Mountain, which feels like free fall,” according to McClutch News.

Glenwood Springs Mountaintop Park opened as a cave tour in 1999 and has since begun adding vehicles to keep waiting for visitors.

“Wongel is a beautiful, caring and cheerful girl who loves Jesus very much for a 6 year old girl,” said GoFundMe, which was founded to help pay for funerals and other expenses.

The family mourns the “compassionate and cheerful” 6-year-old who was killed in the fall on a Colorado mine

A 6-year-old child dies in a Haunted Minedrop at an amusement park in Colorado, coroners say