A small bag of tomatoes causes horror at Macron events

Paris — Newly re-elected French President Emmanuel Macron barely gets attacked by tiny bag-like cherry tomatoes as he walks through a noisy crowd at a market in northwestern Paris on Wednesday. I avoided it.

According to broadcaster BFM-TV, about six small fruits contained in what looks like a blue plastic bag, orange and red, fly over the head of a French leader, and two people beside him. Bounced off the man’s shoulders and arms. video.

Macron, a 44-year-old centrist, apparently didn’t notice the hiyari hat until someone in the crowd shouted “projector” and a bodyguard raised his arm over the head of a French leader to cover him. was.

Then someone spread a partially broken black umbrella to protect him, and his security details steered him under the parasol of a nearby stall. The president evacuated there for a while until things settled down.

It was unclear whether Macron, who first appeared publicly since being reelected on Sunday, was the target of small tomatoes. The high level of excitement was unusual when he shook hands and talked with people in the cheering crowd for about two hours.

Another piece of video, shot from a different angle shortly after the tomato was thrown, shows a bystander leaning against a table or another object and throwing himself backwards in the direction of a crowd of people around Macron. I showed that I was there.

When he flew in the air, the man seemed to throw a selfish punch. He screamed when he landed violently on the crowd and then hit the ground.

Macron was seemingly unscathed and unwavering, and then continued his walk in Sergey Pontoise, mixing and discussing with the people of the market, while seriously campaigning ahead of the French legislative election in June.

He told reporters that he visited the working-class neighborhood as part of his previously stated pledge to unify France after the bruised presidential election.

Macron has comfortably defeated his far-right rival Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s election finals and is now trying to maintain a majority of the party in the House of Representatives.

Associated Press