A small number of Xbox users can now start testing cloud games on the console

Xbox Series X

Aaron Souppouris/Engadget

The Xbox cloud gaming function, which is going to be fully open to all Xbox One and Series X/S users during the Christmas consumption season, was discovered earlier that it has begun testing between a small number of Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Insider. Microsoft expects to expand to more Alpha Insiders and even other types of test users in the next few weeks.

If you are one of the lucky ones to get the test qualification, you will see a small cloud symbol next to more than 100 models that provide cloud games. As long as the Internet is fast enough, these games can be played directly without downloading, which is convenient for you to save storage space, or to see if it is satisfactory before you buy it.

Cloud games currently on XboxThere are still some small problems, Including not being able to choose to play original games without DLC enabled, in-game purchases (but can be purchased through console or network stores), and if you have installed a game on an external hard drive, and now the hard drive is not connected to you On the Xbox, you cannot start the cloud version of the game. The latter seems to be a very specific problem, but the test is to eliminate these weird bugs.

Even if there are no people who participated in the test program, Xbox’s cloud games should not be far away. After all, it is almost October, and it will be within three months at most to catch up with the Christmas consumption season. Besides, Microsoft should hope that it will be launched together with “Halo: Infinite”, and they will boost each other’s momentum.