A small plane makes an emergency landing on a California highway, cuts off a car and obstructs traffic


On Tuesday, a small plane made an emergency landing on a highway near San Diego, clipping several vehicles and disrupting traffic for hours.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration and the California Highway Patrol, the landing occurred after noon on Interstate 5 near Del Mar, about 20 miles north of San Diego. San Diego Fire Department Spokesman Jose Isea, Told the San Diego Times “Clip” some vehicles before the aircraft hits the central partition wall and stops.

According to KSWB, One of the wings of the plane was stuck behind the car.

The woman who said the car hit the plane told KSWB that she saw the glass shatter when the plane suddenly appeared.

According to Issy, the plane pilot and another crew member were not injured, but two were slightly injured from the vehicle and taken to a local hospital.

The cause of the emergency landing of the plane is under investigation.

As a result of the incident, the southbound lane of the highway was closed. Fire department tweeted.. Traffic was stagnant as the driver was told to avoid the highway for more than an hour.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: A small plane lands on Interstate 5 near San Diego, California