A smiling dog gets a nickname despite being shot in North Carolina.After all, it’s her real name

The dogs rescued in North Carolina were “rough.”

But the shelter taking care of her said She still “smiles when she sees you.” So they gave her a proper nickname, but later found out that her real name was Smiley.

Smiley was taken to the Pender County Animal Shelter in eastern North Carolina by animal management and received a call about a stray dog ​​roaming an area in western County, shelter manager Jewel Houghton told McClutch News Thursday. Told.

Some dogs were tense and had to be trapped, Houghton said. However, Smiley said, “I was very happy to see the policeman.”

“The reason she has the name Smiley is literally because she smiles at you when she looks at you,” Houghton said.

But the staff soon realized that Smiley was experiencing trauma, Houghton said. She was “extremely thin” and one leg was “extremely swollen.”

According to Houghton, X-rays at the veterinary hospital show that she was shot at some point, and neighbors reported she was hit by a car about three weeks ago.

The veterinarian said her leg injury could have been caused by being hit by a car, being shot, cancer or other illness.

“Anyway, this was an obvious problem,” Houghton said. And Smiley’s leg had to be amputated.

But when she woke up from the surgery, Houghton told the staff that she had begun to tail.

“She is very tough,” Houghton said. “She’s just a tough old woman.”

Staff estimates that Smiley is 8 to 10 years old and is a “kind of hound mix.”

The shelter posted on Facebook about Smiley’s story on Wednesday, saying she was “very bright and happy to meet everyone today.” Posts were shared more than 190 times as of Thursday afternoon.

According to Houghton, someone in the area that recognized the dog contacted the shelter on a Facebook post on Thursday, saying Smiley was the real name given to her by her previous owner.

The shelter does not have details about the previous owner of Smiley, but Houghton said he believed that he was “not in the picture” for some time.

“She has had a very long and rough life,” Houghton said. “I’m always a stray dog ​​and I have a lot of puppies.”

Houghton also encouraged people to say something when they saw something.

“This dog has been suffering for a long time, and it’s not okay,” Houghton said. “It” sees something say something “-it’s important. Obviously, they can’t say anything for themselves. “

According to Houghton, Smiley has “a long way to go” and it depends on how she’s progressing and the results of amputated leg tests, so it’s unclear if shelters will be brought into public adoption. Not said. But they want the rescue team to be able to help her even more.

“She deserves a nice couch and soft landing, whether she has six months or six years left,” Houghton said.