A snake wrapped around a door hanger checks and bites a daughter to a Kentucky mom, as shown in the photo

Mara Joe Thomas heard her daughter “screaming for a bloody murder” outside Kentucky’s house, and when the three mothers went to investigate, the explanation bit her face.

Her daughter, Kenly, saw Thomas noticed too late. A snake in an unexpected location, its gray and brown body, was wrapped around a door hanger and declared “God Bless America.”

“Of course, I open the door and make a boom- It got me!! “Thomas said in a Facebook post on June 13th.

As the photo shows, the snake struck Thomas just above his eyes, leaving two blood spots along his forehead and socket.

The snake almost bite Mara Joe Thomas in his eyes.

The snake almost bite Mara Joe Thomas in his eyes.

“Your makeup still looks perfect,” wrote one commenter.

Thomas went to the hospital but didn’t need antitoxins or treatment.

“Thankfully, it wasn’t poison and I couldn’t really see it!” Thomas said.

It’s not clear what happened to the snake, but you can’t find an eye-level hideout at Thomas’s house.

“I would never have another door hanger,” she said.

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