A software flaw caused a “serious incident” on Tui flights

Tui flight takes off from Mallorca

Tui flight takes off from Mallorca

The “simple flaws” caused by the language differences led to the “serious incident” of the flight from Birmingham last year.

All female passengers with the title “Miss” were reportedly classified as children rather than adults on Tui’s flights after the software upgrade.

This meant that the average weight used in the takeoff calculation was less than it should be.

This difference may have affected takeoff thrust, but the report stated that flight operations were not at risk.

According to the takeoff preparation document, his Boeing 737 jet is 1,244 kg lighter than it really is after using 35 kg instead of 69 kg.

That “road sheet” is used to determine a safe weight. How to balance an airplane, And other important information for safe flight within safety regulations.

AAIB report on the incident The booking system for creating roadsheets was upgraded when the airline suspended flights “for months” during downtime due to the blockade of the coronavirus last year.

Safety officials said the problem was that the software was programmed abroad and “mistakes” were used to refer to children and “Mrs.” to refer to adult women.

Due to its simple language differences, 38 adult women were considered “children” by computer systems. This difference, when added to the remaining passengers and cargo, resulted in a difference of more than a ton between the calculated and actual weight of the plane.

The flight departed from Birmingham International to Mallorca in the early morning of July 21, 2020.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said that in this case, the difference in takeoff thrust calculations was only 0.1%, so “the safe operation of the aircraft was not compromised.”

The other two flights had the same problem on the same day, according to investigators, but additional manual checks were immediately made to prevent the problem from recurring.

And another upgrade of the computer system solved the problem.

In a statement, Tui said, “The health and safety of our customers and crew has always been our primary concern. After this isolated incident, we have corrected the obstacles identified in our IT systems.

“As stated in the report, the safe operation of the flight was not at risk.”