A sonic worker’s car explodes outside the restaurant.A strange smell saved him, says a Texas police officer

Sonic workers would have been in the front seats of an exploding car if his nose hadn’t released him from danger, Texas police told the press.

Employees will be on Friday, January 28th, around 11:00 pm Sonic restaurant in HoustonThe police told KTRK.

But when he sat in the car, he soon noticed a strange smell, the TV station reported. It smelled like some kind of gas, police said.

He rolled the window to eliminate the smell and got out of the car. This was a fateful choice. The vehicle exploded Immediately after he left, police told the Houston Chronicle.

The I heard the blast for miles, And sent debris flying in Sonic and elsewhere, KPRC reported. Car parts were found more than 100 feet away from where they were parked.

Police added that the employee was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, “a miracle he survived.”

Investigators report that the cow acetylene tank leaking in the trunk of the car is likely to have led to the explosion. Sonic workers seem to have relatives who welded and left the tank behind.

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