A South Carolina man died in a pond in Midlands ATV Park, coroners say

A South Carolina man died Saturday after riding a four-wheeled buggy in a pond at Midlands ATV Park, according to the Kershaw County Coroners Office.

Corey Van Goodnough died in Broken nut off-road park, Coroner David West said in a news release on Sunday.It’s near Jefferson Ubanks Pond and Lynchs River..

According to the announcement, the cause of death at the age of 30 in the Taxahaw area of ​​Lancaster County has not been identified.

The autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

Around 8 pm, West said, a call was made to Kershaw County 911 about a four-wheeled buggy in the pond. According to the release, the caller said the rider did not come out of the pond.

Kershaw County Fire Department, EMS, and Sheriff’s office supports ATV park, Said West, where Van Goodno’s body was recovered.

No information was available on how the four-wheeled buggy arrived at the pond.

The· Broken nuts feature 350 acres of 4×4 trails According to Rider Planet USA, this includes steep hills, sand, clay, loose, hard soil, and mud pits from shallow ponds to deep, moist waterways.

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