A South Carolina woman wins a 6-digit Powerball award but suffers from missing a $ 632 million jackpot

A Midlands woman said she was “very grateful” after winning $ 100,000 on her Powerball ticket.

But a South Carolina education lottery official said in a news release that she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if her ticket matched all five numbers instead of four.

“That number bothers me,” she said in the release.

$ 100,000 is an important prize, but it’s hard to compare to the $ 632.6 million jackpot won in the same draw. In fact, according to the release, it was the size of the grand prize that motivated women who wouldn’t normally play lottery games to buy tickets.

So, she’s grateful, but it’s fair to have 632.5 million what-ifs for anyone in her position.

6 digits I bought a winning Powerball ticket At Burnwell, lottery officials said in a news release. According to the release, the ticket matched the number of the red powerball with four of the first five white balls.

The Winning Numbers — 6, 14, 25, 33, 46, and Powerball: 17 — Drawn on January 5th.

According to lottery officials, the ticket buyer bought the PowerPlay option for an additional dollar, so when the x2 was drawn, her $ 50,000 prize doubled to $ 100,000.

The winner did not tell the lottery official how she would spend the money from the storm.

South Carolina, along with Delaware, Kansas, Georgetown, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, and Texas, is one of eight states, so the name of the woman was not disclosed. Allow lottery winners to remain anonymous..

According to the release, the odds of winning $ 100,000 on Powerball are 913,129 to 1. According to lottery officials, if the jackpot is over $ 150 million, the odds of choosing a x2 multiplier are 1 in 1.75.

Winning tickets were sold at Quick & Easy Gas Stations / Convenience Stores. 10077 Marlboro Ave. in downtown Burnwell...

Quick & Easy received a $ 1,000 commission on the sale of the invoiced winning ticket.

A 6-digit winning Powerball ticket was sold in South Carolina.

A 6-digit winning Powerball ticket was sold in South Carolina.