A South Dakota police officer killed a man and daughter accused of killing a Missouri teacher.

Police said a man accused of murdering his girlfriend and her 11-year-old daughter in Missouri last month was found dead on Wednesday in South Dakota.

According to the Union County Sheriff’s Office in South Dakota, 45-year-old JT McLean Found dead in his car Due to a gunshot wound caused by self-harm. He was expelled from Boone County, Missouri, due to the death of 43-year-old Allison Abittsu and her daughter, Josie Abittsu.

On August 22, lawmakers were sent to their home just south of Colombia because the family members involved could not be contacted, according to McClutch News. Their bodies were found in the house.

McLean — Alison Abitz’s longtime boyfriend — he The last known person in contact with mother and daughter, According to McClutch News. He was wanted for two murders.

He was accused of strangling his girlfriend and drowning Josie. According to court documents obtained by KOMU.. After allegedly killing his mother and daughter, he “worked to disappear and limit his ability to track,” the television station reported.

Investigators announced that they knew he had it on Wednesday, before McLean’s body was discovered. I recently bought a dark motorcycle, McClutch News reported. It was believed that he rode a motorcycle and fled to the area.

A South Dakota sheriff’s office said McLean was also sought after killing two others in Miller County, Missouri. Congressmen learned that he had stolen a car from one of the victims, and ONSTAR placed the car in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, where McLean had a family.

McLean was found dead when his agent deployed a non-lethal drone on a vehicle outside the motel.

Allison Abitz Fulton 58 Public School Elementary School Teacher Jozee was an acrobat who was a member of the Columbia Acro and Tumbling team.

“Alison was a beloved staff member, an exemplary teacher, and a loving mother,” the school district said in a statement. “Josie was a kind, talented, caring person and a friend of all.”

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