A Soviet-era Stryzh reconnaissance drone modernized by Ukraine was likely behind the explosion near Kaluga, experts say

Ту-141 Strigi

Ту-141 Strigi

Kaluga governor Vladislav Lapsha said on February 6 that an unknown drone had crashed near the capital. It was first reported that the drone exploded 50 meters above the ground, but it was recently discovered that it hit the top of a tree and fell.

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Photos from the scene show the wreckage to be that of a Tu-141 Stryzh drone carrying OFAB-100-120 small aerial bombs, the outlet wrote.

“This incident caused a great deal of unrest among Rashst[Russian terrorists]as this drone carrying a bomb fell just 150 kilometers from Moscow and was not detected by Russian air defenses.” and the Defense Express article read.

“Finally, there are many military installations near Kaluga itself, such as railway junctions and airports, but drones loaded with explosives could have seriously disrupted the logistical chains of the invaders’ forces. I have.”

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Stryzh drones fly so low that, despite their size, they are invisible to Russian air defense radars.

Soviet-era bombs are used as combat loads. For Kaluga, he was an OFAB-100-120 bomb weighing 123 kilograms and had an explosive power of 46 kilograms in TNT equivalent.

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Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, claimed that Ukraine has weapons capable of hitting targets deep within Russia.

Ukraine is speculated to have used anther-modified Stryzi drones to attack the Engels-2 airbase near Saratov on the Volga River.

Previously, Ukraine claimed it was developing and testing a 1,000-kilometer-range strike drone capable of carrying a 75-kilogram warhead.

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