A Taliban spokesman “strongly condemns the bombing of Kabul Airport”

NS Taliban Blame explosion Many people were killed and more injured at Kabul International Airport.

Two explosions occurred at Kabul Airport in Afghanistan on Thursday morning, and the Pentagon confirmed that the “complex attack” resulted in “many U.S. and civilian casualties.” ..

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“The Islamic Emirate has strongly condemned the bombing of civilians at Kabul Airport in areas where U.S. forces are responsible for security,” said Zabifra, a spokesman for the radical group that controls Afghanistan. Mujahid said on social media. “The Islamic Emirate is paying close attention to the safety and protection of its people, and the vicious circle will be severely thwarted.”

The number of people injured and killed in the blast is unknown, but initial reports indicate that at least 13 people, including children, were killed. NBC News.. According to the Mujahideen, 52 people were injured. Toro News..

“We can confirm that today’s complex attacks at Kabul Airport have killed many U.S. military personnel,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. statement Thursday afternoon. “Many other people are being treated for their wounds, and I know many Afghans have been victims of this vicious attack.”

Authorities believed that ISIS-K, an Afghan member of the terrorist organization ISIS, was behind the attack, but no group was immediately responsible for the attack. according to Associated Press.

US Embassy in Kabul warning A “safety threat outside the gates of Kabul Airport” on Wednesday night urged American citizens to avoid traveling to the airport. President Joe Biden recently warned that Afghan soldiers were at risk of an attack by ISIS-K.

The Taliban is working with the United States at the airport and is acting as a security guard on the outside premises. Representatives of the militant group have repeatedly demanded that the United States support President Joe Biden’s voluntary withdrawal on August 31, with the extension “Red line.. “

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Since the Taliban defeated the Afghan government on August 14, the United States and other allies have been non-combatants to expel Western citizens and allies Afghanistan who would be at risk under the Taliban’s control. Evacuation operation has started.

U.S. and Allied forces 100,000 people From the airport this month. It is unclear what the explosion means for US evacuation efforts, which have a deadline of only a few days in Biden.

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