A teacher’s husband, who was killed in a Texas school shooting, died of an emergency illness, relatives say

Irma and Jogarcia.

Irma and Jogarcia.GoFundMe

  • According to relatives, the teacher’s husband, who was killed in the shooting of Yuvarde on Tuesday, died two days later.

  • On the GoFundMe page, Irma Garcia’s relatives confirmed that her husband, Joe, had died in “emergency care.”

  • Garcia was one of the two adults killed in the slaughter, killing 19 children and another adult.

Relatives said the teacher’s husband, who was killed in a shooting on Tuesday at an elementary school in Texas, died in “emergency care” two days later.

To GoFundMe On the page of the murdered teacher Irma Garcia, her cousin said Thursday as well to report that Irma’s husband Joe died tragically this morning (May 26, 2022) as a result of an emergency illness. I did. “

“I really believe Joe died of a broken heart and lost his love of life for more than 30 years was intolerable,” Garcia’s cousin wrote.

Garcia’s nephew wrote: twitter On Thursday, Joe Garcia “died because of sadness.”

According to relatives, the couple have four children left.

Irma Garcia is a fourth-grade teacher, one of two adults killed on Tuesday after an 18-year-old shooter attacked Rob Elementary School in Yuvalde, Texas, killing 19 children. was.

“Ilma was a wife, a four-year-old mother, a cousin, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, and a wonderful person. She literally does anything for anyone … no questions,” Garcia’s relatives wrote. increase. GoFundMe. “She loves the children in her classroom and she died trying to protect them.”

On Facebook, Irma’s sister mourned her as a “hero.”

“My beautiful sister. I want to wake up from this nightmare,” wrote Marissa Rosano. “I love you. I miss you … I’m broken.”

The massacre on Tuesday recorded the worst in elementary school since the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings, killing 20 children and 6 adults.

Onlookers outside the school reportedly I urged the police to attack the building And even some suggest that their parents are in a hurry to school, they face the shooter.

Videos uploaded to Social media It’s unclear if the video was shot during or after the video, but it shows that Texas law enforcement officers have begged police to enroll in school, holding back desperate parents.

Law enforcement officials said the archer was in the school classroom for over an hour, It does not fully explain how the shooter entered the building and how the police responded...

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