A teen family shot by a school safety officer is preparing to unplug

Family handouts

Family handouts

18 year old woman Taken earlier this week by a school safety officer in Long Beach, CaliforniaA family spokesman confirmed to The Daily Beast that her body was removed from the life support system after her body was ready to donate organs.

Monarodriguez was shot in a car near Millican High School in Long Beach on Monday afternoon. Police say she was shot in the upper body. Rodriguez’s family says she was shot in the head.

“The transition has begun,” said community activist Jereen Tatam, who has been on the Rodriguez family for several days, in a text message.

At a press conference outside the hospital on Friday afternoon, Mona’s brother Iran Rodriguez said his sister would have wanted to go to someone else with her organs in trouble. When the doctor completes the process, Mona will be removed from the life support system within the next 24-72 hours, her brother said.

Rodriguez’s cousin Maria Ramirez was planning to move to Kansas and start a new life with her boyfriend and five-month-old son Mona was a “family-friendly person.” , Always wanted to be part of everything we were doing. “

“We gave them okay [to disconnect the machines] “This morning,” Ramirez said, saying goodbye to the family and spending the day.

California teen on life support after being shot by a school safety officer while she is driving a car

A fatal incident occurred a few minutes after 3:00 pm on September 27, when an unidentified officer working in the Long Beach Unified School District was fighting Rodriguez, a 15-year-old girl walking away from Millican High. It happened when I discovered it. According to local reports, Rodriguez, a non-student there, stepped off a gray sedan parked in a nearby shopping center and confronted a young girl. Police officers are said to have warned the pair that if they didn’t break it, he would spray them with pepper. Rodriguez returned to the gray car and began to pull away from the video of the incident. At that time, a policeman standing next to the passenger seat door where Rodriguez was sitting can be seen in a video of a bystander firing two bullets at a moving vehicle.

“While the motives for the assault are under investigation, the detective believes that the suspect and the victim are known to each other, and an 18-year-old adult female suspect has launched the assault,” Long Beach police said in an email. I told the Daily Beast. statement.

Luis Carrillo, a lawyer representing Rodriguez’s family, told The Daily Beast that police officers should be arrested, “there is no business to carry badges or wear guns.” Thursday, Carrillo Sent a letter to California Attorney General Rob Bonta He requested an investigation into the shooting, which he said met the legal standards for murder or manslaughter against police officers.

Authorities have not yet appointed a police officer involved, but a school district spokesman said he had informed the police union that he would like to release the information immediately.

“We are trying to put pressure on the name to be published,” said Tatam, who attended Millikan High.

Others in the area are also wary of what is considered a disruption by the school district.

“We are very concerned about the lack of transparency,” says local civil rights activist Nagy Ali. Appeared in a press conference with the Rodriguez family, Told the Daily Beast. “I believe identifying him is important to see if he has previously had a disciplinary history or complaint.”

Ali said he was optimistic that police officers would be prosecuted for crimes.

“Around the country, I saw this policeman shooting an unarmed woman behind his head through a window in the back of a car while wearing a seatbelt,” Ali said.

Former student arrested after firing at Houston Preparatory School, police officer says

The Long Beach Unified School District has nine full-time and two part-time safety officers, plus four supervisors. They do not work with the Long Beach Police, which is considered an independent organization. Long Beach School Safety Officers are not peace officers, but are armed with training from police academy, although the curriculum is shortened from the curriculum acquired by full-fledged police officers. The shooting on Monday was the first shooting by a safety officer at a school in Long Beach since the unit was founded 30 years ago.

Retired Long Beach School Safety Officer Said Los Angeles Times Members of small units are instructed not to be involved in what is happening off campus and can detain people but are not allowed to actually arrest them. Retired officers who asked not to be nominated Times Police officers involved in the shooting on Monday said they shouldn’t have pulled their weapons in the first place.

“What the officer did was completely outside the protocol,” he said.

The Long Beach branch of Black Lives Matter on Friday demanded that school employees, including school guards, be banned from carrying weapons such as guns, batons, and pepper spray.

so August 2020 Long Beach Board of Education WorkshopThomas Hickman, Head of School Safety and Emergency Preparedness for the Long Beach Unified School District, said: First of all, I think the model we have at Long Beach Unified is a safety model, not an enforcement model. And I think you’ll see it happening in more and more school districts. Over the last 60 days, two school districts have contacted us and asked us about our model, as opposed to the traditional law enforcement model that many school districts still use. “

“The lowest you can get in this city”: A teenager was killed at a bus stop minutes after saying goodbye to his mom

With the shooting of Monarodriguez, Los Angeles community organizer Cliff Smith urged him to plan a rally on Long Beach this Sunday.Immediate arrest and prosecutionOf the officer in question. “

“For us, it’s clear that the safety officer has committed a crime without justification for the lethal use of coercion,” Smith told The Daily Beast. “And not only did he kill Mona, but he also endangered many others. District attorney George Gascon was liable for this type of crime last year on behalf of the incumbent district attorney, especially to police officers. He has not yet charged the police officer himself. “

Meanwhile, according to Ali, the Rodriguez family is “ravaged and distraught.”

“This devastated the whole family because no one saw it coming,” he said. “She not only died at such a young age, but was only a few adults. In fact, her life was unfairly taken by someone who was supposed to save her life.”

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