A teenage body believed to be 100 feet underground after a cousin’s wild about face

Detroit Police Department

Detroit Police Department

Michigan investigators are one step closer to resolving the death of a 17-year-old girl, Zion Foster, who not only shook a small town in Eastpointe, but also separated her family after a five-month search. I believe it was.

On Thursday, police focused on where they believed the teenager’s body was buried 100 feet below the surface. WXYZ It was reported that Foster’s cousin probably provided a definitive answer after telling a sensational story about her death.

Foster was finally known to be dating 23-year-old Jarin Brager, who wants to pick her up from home on January 4.

During the ruling, Foster’s mother, Sierra Milton, testified that she was incredibly intimate with her daughter, Click Local 4 Detroit report.

“She shared her whereabouts with me wherever she went,” Milton said. “She asks if she can go anywhere. I’ll let her go. As her parents, you have yes and no because you want to protect your baby.” Foster is among Milton’s six children. Was the oldest in Japan.

When Foster asked her mother if she could go out with Blazer on January 4, Milton agreed, and Foster was her favorite relative on that side of the family, so Foster said on her phone “Favorites.” I told the court that I listed Blazer as.

Milton said Date line In January, at 12:59 am, when my daughter left at around 10:45 pm, I received a message from Foster’s phone saying “Oops”, informing me that I was on my way home. When Foster did not arrive, her mom reported her missing to East Point police.

Milton told the court that the silence was incredibly different from her, as Foster was usually in constant contact. She said she began to fear her daughter being detained against her will, said reports of her former missing person.

Milton testified in court that things were even more strange when Brager called her the next day.

“When my baby didn’t go home, he told me,’I don’t know why Zion lied and put me in this. Milton was as stunned as she was and recently met him. He said he knew that Brager was lying.

Blazer’s lies continued when he was brought in for cross-examination on January 10, prosecutors claimed. Not only did he not see Foster for a year, he claimed that he hadn’t visited the town of East Point for so long. When the investigator provided another proven phone record, he saw Foster and hedged, claiming it was May. When Brager changed the story, Foster’s family was desperate for information about her whereabouts.

But a week later, with a lawyer, Brager abandoned his story and withdrew.

After being found dead under a cancer survivor, 9, lawn chair, police officers have an “interested person”

“He finally confessed that he actually met Zion that night, picked her up, and took her home,” the prosecutor said in Blazer’s March 30 decision. “They combined marijuana together and both smoked it. Somehow, when he returned to her room, she was unconscious.”

Brager then claimed to have panicked.

“I don’t know exactly how she passed,” Brazier said in court. “I know just one minute, she was cool, she was fine. She was laid back for a moment, and the next thing I know, she’s just — she’s dead I didn’t know what was the cause. “

Instead of asking for help, he allowed his dead cousin to be loaded into the trunk of his car. Brager took her to the trash can and said he had abandoned her body.

“How can I explain what happened? I don’t know why she died or what caused her to die,” Brager said of his decision. “I was reacting from my natural horror … I just didn’t know what to do.”

With this new information, investigators said they were able to find an empty trash can.

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“Now, more than 14 days (more than 15 days lie) from the incident, they unfortunately found her body more than 75-100 feet below the surface,” the prosecutor said.

Brager was indicted on January 24 and charged with lying to officials in a violent crime investigation. NBC News Report. Since then, investigators have scrutinized the potential dumping sites for Foster’s body.

“I was up for days and days, panicked and very afraid,” Milton said in a statement about the impact on victims in Blazer’s decision. “Never see my baby again … as long as I love the family, you caused such a thing [devastation] It’s hard to trust your family at all. “

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