A teenage girl is appearing in a doctor with tics, experts believe that anxiety, depression, and TikTok can play a role

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  • More teenage girls are appearing in the doctor with tics, The Wall Street Journal report.

  • Tics usually start when the child is young and worsen over time.

  • Studies show that teens are developing tics by watching TikTok videos of people with Tourette’s disorder.

Doctors in multiple countries have reported an increase in teenage girls developing tics, which may be due to anxiety, depression, and TikTok.

The rise began around the beginning of the pandemic, which surprised and embarrassed doctors, The Wall Street Journal report.Several Medical journal According to the article, teenage girls were watching TikTok videos of people who said they had Tourette’s Syndrome.

Tourette’s Syndrome is a hereditary nervous system disorder. VOA newsCan cause tic disorder, repetitive movements, involuntary movements, or sound. This disorder primarily affects boys, and tics usually begin when a person is young and develop over time.

Dr. Kirsten Müller-Vahl, a doctor based in Hannover, Germany Jerusalem Post She has seen more and more teenage and young adult girls bring tics. Müller Var, who has been treating Tourette’s disorder for 25 years, said people with this disorder usually have their own tics, but the girl she recently saw had the same tics.

She soon discovered that those patients imitated the German YouTuber tic, who shares online how she lives with disabilities.

Although there is no national or international data on the extent of this problem, The Journal reports that some medical centers have 10 times more cases than normal tics. Before the pandemic, the center had one or two cases a month, but some say it now has 10 to 20 cases a month.

Caroline Olvera, a movement-impaired fellow at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, told the journal that many patients, even non-English-speaking patients, noticed blurring the word “beans” with a British accent. Eventually, she learned that one of Britain’s top Tik Tokers obscured the word “beans.”

Doctors pointed out that it was not Tourette’s disorder, but a functional movement disorder. They also told the journal that many of the children who developed tic disorder had been previously diagnosed with exacerbated anxiety and depression during the pandemic.

Recent treatises Mariam Hull, a pediatric neurologist at the Texas Children’s Hospital, said that possible mental illnesses, which in the past were mostly confined to geographical locations, have been made possible by social media to spread around the world. I found.

She told The Journal that watching a single video is unlikely to cause tics, but TikTok’s algorithm means that kids are watching similar videos repeatedly.

“Some kids pulled out their phone and showed me their TikTok, and it’s full of these Tourette’s and alphabetic challenges,” Hull said.

The Jerusalem Post reported that these disorders could be treated. Doctors suggest that children take breaks on social media, and parents ask what kind of video they are watching, the journal reports. In addition, parents should look for specialists if their child presents with tics that interfere with daily activities.

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