A teenager amputated his toes and fingers after eating the remaining noodles that could cause a fatal condition

After eating leftovers food In his fridge, it caused something potentially deadly diseaseA 19-year-old student had to amputate both feet and all 10 fingers.

and YouTube video Contributor Chibi EmuDoctor and YouTube creator Bernard Hsu, New England Journal of MedicineFirst reported in March 2021.

According to this study Patient He was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) “due to shock, multiple organ failure, and rash.” His pain began 20 hours before admission and shortly after “eating the rice, chicken and lo mein left over at the restaurant.”

As mentioned in Sue’s video, this patient, called JC, had fever, high blood pressure, and pale skin. After JC vomited, doctors noticed “a greenish yellow color that doesn’t look like a particular type of food.”

However, JC’s abnormal breathing became an even greater concern, along with his lowering of blood pressure. As he was sedated, the doctor saw a change in his skin.

“Doctors have begun to notice a rash with small spots all over the body,” Sue explained. “At first, this mottled look looked like a bruise, but then they turned dark reddish-brown and red-edged.”

JC continued to get sick and was then taken by helicopter to another hospital with more resources.

After further blood and urine tests, JC was diagnosed with Neisseria meningitidis, causing stiff shoulders, nausea, respiratory collapse, shock, and multiple organ failure.

As pointed out by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a condition also known as meningococcal disease, is caused by bacteria with symptoms such as sudden fever and vomiting. It can also be “dead in just a few hours.”

Regarding his skin changes, he said this was due to purpura fulminans and Sue was a purple rash that could occur very suddenly.As pointed out by Canadian Medical Association JournalPurpura fulminans may be a severe and rare result of meningococcal disease.

And although he remained stable, JC’s body infection was so severe that he had to amputate all 10 fingers and both feet.

Like JC, his roommate threw after eating leftovers, but he didn’t react very badly. The doctor then investigated JC’s medical history further and found out how he was different from his roommate.

They learned that JC had only received the first dose of meningococcal vaccine shortly before entering junior high school. And when he reached the age of 16, JC did not receive the recommended vaccine booster.

Around CDC, Then serotype B meningococci are recommended between the ages of 16 and 23. Sue explained that this usually consisted of two separate doses within a period of several months, and JC received only one dose.

Sue also explained that it was clearly leftovers that caused the symptoms of JC, but it is unclear how traces of meningococci invaded it. Fortunately, JC is much better and his condition is improving.

As pointed out by WebMD, Bacteria can quickly grow on leftover food when stored at room temperature. However, it is not clear where JC stored the meal before eating.

Medical practice states that food must be placed in the refrigerator or freezer within 2 hours of being “cooked or removed from the heat source”.

Depending on the type of food you are eating, the leftovers can be “stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days”. Mayo Clinic..

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