A teenager charged with murder in an accident that killed Tony Baker’s son, and two others


Two teens have been charged with murder in connection with a street race accident that allegedly killed three people near Los Angeles. Including the son of comedian Tony Baker Early this month.

According to Burbank police, Hamlet Arseni Agajanian, 19, and an unidentified 17-year-old boy were arrested on August 19 for both three murders and one reckless driving.

According to police, Agajanian holding the steering wheel of Kia and a 17-year-old woman driving Mercedes-Benz were racing in Glenox Boulevard when they collided with Volkswagen on August 3. I did. Volkswagen did not participate in the race.

According to police, Serene Anthony Lakewon Baker, Jayden Kishon Johnson, and Natalie Asal Mogadam were thrown out of Volkswagen and “severely injured and sentenced to death on the scene.”

Volkswagen’s fourth unidentified victim was seriously injured but survived.

According to police, all the victims were in their early twenties.

“This tragic and unavoidable event was caused by subjects racing the vehicle and driving recklessly at very high speeds,” Burbank police said in a statement.

Aghajanyan pleaded not guilty on the charges he was facing on Monday. NBC Los Angeles reported.. He has been detained on bail of $ 6 million and will appear in court next October 6, police said. Aghajanyan’s lawyer did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Tony Baker posts on social media about his son almost every day since the crash. He also frequently shares Change.org’s petition to stop illegal street racing in Burbank.

“People have praised my strength on these painful streets, but REAL MVP is Serene’s mother. Everyone knows that mother’s love is at the next level, but she It’s great to overcome this nightmare, “Baker wrote on Twitter on Monday.

“I can’t say I’m strong with this. It just exists. I’m not fighting anything. I don’t resist the waves. If I want to be a fool, I’ll follow the flow. If I want to do it, I’ll cry and I’ll put it out.” He wrote. “The only thing I’ve fought is what if I regret it. We miss him.”