A teenager shot multiple times in a parking lot in N. Harris County


A secret El Salvador murder ring suspected of finding up to 40 bodies in a former police yard

Police in El Salvador are excavating mass graves in the yard of a former police officer, who may contain as many as 40 bodies. So far, at least 24 bodies have been removed from the site. It can take up to a month to extract all the remains, which are believed to be mostly women and girls, officials said. Police in El Salvador began searching the site of Chalchuapa, the westernmost part of the country, after arresting Hugo Ernesto Osorio Chávez, 51, on May 8 in connection with the death of a 57-year-old woman and a 26-year-old daughter. .. .. He confessed to the murder. Osorio Chávez was expelled from the National Civil Police in 2010 after being charged with rape. Central American country officials, who have both the worst and worst murder rates in the world, say the size of the mass grave suggests that the secret murder ring was working. As of Friday, at least 10 people had been charged. Many of the victims were invited to their deaths using social media, Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, head of national police, told local media. Some were offered jobs, while others were illegally passed abroad.

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