A Texas attorney told his pregnant wife that the water he gave her was murky because of a dirty pipe, court documents say. He was charged with taking drugs.

A grand jury has indicted a Texas man for putting abortion pills in his wife's drink.

A grand jury has indicted a Texas man for putting abortion pills in his wife’s drink.Aitor Diago/Getty Images

  • A grand jury has indicted a Texas man for putting abortion pills in his wife’s drink.

  • Houston attorney Mason Herring was arrested in May, according to the Associated Press.

  • Herring’s wife told police she felt sick after drinking the water he gave her, the AP reported.

A Houston attorney was indicted by a grand jury for putting abortion pills in his wife’s drink on Thursday.

A Harris County grand jury indicted 38-year-old Mason Herring with two felony counts of assaulting a pregnant woman. Associated PressHerring was arrested in May and released on $30,000 bail, ABC reported, but he was charged earlier this week.

Herring’s attorney did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on Saturday.

Herring’s wife, who is pregnant, told police that Herring started yelling about hydration and began offering water in March, according to the Associated Press. He said he became seriously ill after drinking a glass that looked like

According to court documents, Herring told his wife that the cloudy water could be due to dirty water pipes, AP reported. According to court documents, Herring’s wife began refusing other drinks he offered her after becoming suspicious of her.

She later finds a drug package containing misoprostol, a drug used to induce abortions. Misoprostol can cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, or nausea. mayo cliniccan cause more serious side effects such as body aches, chest pain, heavy bleeding, and menstrual cramps.

According to the AP, Haring and his wife are living separately, and court documents showed text messages from him to her about his complaints about the pregnancy.

Herring approached his wife at least six times over the course of a month and encouraged her to drink questionable water. Reported by WJHGShe said she didn’t drink them all and instead kept some as evidence.

“Complainant said defendant gave her a bottle of orange juice and found the bottle’s seal had been broken,” court documents said, according to WJHG.

WJHG reported that security cameras said surveillance cameras caught Haring pocketing the powdered substance from a bag and putting it in a drink he gave his wife, according to prosecutors. Herring’s wife later found a package in the trash containing the Mexican drug Cyrux, which contains misoprostol.

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