A Texas couple on vacation among four dead or missing after a Colorado landslide, says son

The Texas couple is one of a family of four who are believed to have died after a landslide in Colorado last week.

Flooded Poodle Canyon Officials said last Tuesday evening, they pushed debris into a scenic area northwest of Fort Collins, destroying six homes and urging them to search for survivors. As of Wednesday, three bodies were found and a fourth remained missing.

Colorado Brown told The Denver Post that San Antonio’s parents David and Diana Brown, aunt Patricia Brown, and grandfather Richard Brown were on vacation. Landslide Flushed the canyon.

“According to neighbors and authorities There are few or no warningsColorado Brown said on Facebook on Tuesday. “I don’t have enough words to express all the emotions I’ve felt since listening to the news.”

Brown said they were staying in his grandfather’s hut during each year’s trip, and his parents loved Colorado so much because they named him after the state, Reported Denver Post.

“We go there every year,” Brown told the newspaper.

The body of 59-year-old Patricia Brown from Madison, Wisconsin, flood, According to county authorities.

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office searched the canyon with dogs and rescue teams for the next five days before discovering the body of 61-year-old David Brown on the Cash La Poodle River near the lodge on Sunday.

On Monday, a man’s body was found in the river and a diving team responded to pull him out of the water, officials said. His identity was not revealed, but Colorado Brown said the body was probably his grandfather, the Denver Post reported.

Diana Brown remained missing.

She and her husband were “dynamic theater duos,” San Antonio Theater Union. Diana Brown supports the establishment of non-profit organizations.

“Diane was a founding member of SATCO and was the heartbeat of our organization,” a nonprofit posted on Facebook. “There was nothing she couldn’t do or couldn’t do. Her husband, David’DB’ Brown, was a talented actor, especially the great improviser of Oxymorons Improv Troupe.”

A couple of friends told Texas Public Radio that they traveled to cabin July every year for over 30 years.

“It was definitely a happy place (of David),” Hillary Kehei told Texas Public Radio. “He talked about it like a shelter.”

The crashed plane that killed two Arizona firefighters lost wings a mile away, the report said.

A 13-year-old child is missing from a campsite in Cumberland Gap National Park, according to Rangers.

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