A Texas librarian claims she was fired because she didn’t delete the book.

A former librarian in a rural county in Texas claims she was fired for disobedience after she refused to remove the books from the shelves.

News promotion: Suzette Baker was the director of the Kingsland Branch Library in Llano County when he was fired this month.

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Big picture: Baker’s dismissal is the latest turn The war of books that is making a noise in Texas..

  • Top Republican politicians, including Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton, are calling for a search of books in the library.

  • Books dealing with race and gender issues have been specifically selected by state legislators.

What they are saying: Axios’s March 9 retirement notice by Liano County Library Systems Director Amber Milum accuses Baker of “not following a directive allowing personal opinion to interfere with duties and procedures.” ..

Opposite side: Baker told Axios that he was fired for refusing to remove books on gender and race from the shelves, such as “How to Become an Anti-Racist.”

  • “It’s a complete censorship,” she said.

  • She also said she was accused of disobedience for attending a public meeting involving library issues, even though she and other librarians were ordered not to attend.

Both Min-kyung and Llano County Judge The chief executive elected in the county responded to Axios’ request for an interview.

What’s next: Baker, who said he was paid $ 35,500 a year, told Axios that he was looking for a legal representative while preparing to sue the county for firing.

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