A Texas man has been detained in four California killings for decades


Los Angeles (AP) — Police said a man was arrested in Texas in connection with the murder of four women in Southern California decades ago.

Billy Ray Richardson, 76, was arrested Thursday by a detective at the Inglewood Police Department in Los Angeles and the suburbs with the help of police officers in Fort Worth, Texas.

Los Angeles police said in a statement that Richardson was charged by a Los Angeles County prosecutor with four charges of multiple murders on the rape committee and one murder in a special situation. rice field.

Richardson was killed in Los Angeles in 1980 by Beverly Cruz, Debra Cruz and Cali Lenander, and in 1995 in Inglewood by Trina Wilson, according to a statement.

Prosecutors said all four victims were raped and DNA evidence linked Richardson to the crime.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Richardson had a lawyer to comment on his behalf. He was detained in Texas on Thursday, awaiting his transfer to Los Angeles, police said.

Beverly Cruz, 25, and Debra Cruz, 22, were sisters who were found dead by their brothers in Beverly’s apartment on March 6, 1980. Los Angeles Times I quoted the story from that time and reported it.

The prosecution said in a statement on Friday that each woman had been shot three times in her head.

Prosecutors said Leander was 15 years old when he was found strangled on the streets on July 26, 1980.

Wilson, 28, was killed in North Park, Inglewood, on December 31, 1995. Her throat was torn.