A Texas man protesting a face mask will be transferred to hospice after being hospitalized for nearly a month with COVID-19.


Medical staff will install a patient ventilator in the COVID-19 intensive care unit.

Medical staff Mantra Nguyen installed a patient ventilator in the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas, on December 29, 2020. Go to Nakamura / Getty Images

Texas anti-maskers, who have reportedly organized protests against the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines, have been fighting for hospital life for almost a month after being infected with the virus.

Caleb Wallace, the father of three 30-year-olds, began to show symptoms of the virus on July 26 and initially refused to go to the hospital for treatment, his wife, Jessica, said. San Angelo Standard Times.. Instead, he was taking vitamin C, aspirin, and ivermectin.

He was taken to the Shannon Medical Center a few days later on July 30th. His condition worsened, reportedly, and he was placed on an ICU ventilator earlier this month.

Jessica, who is pregnant with her fourth child in late September, GoFundMe Raised over $ 35,000 to support Wallace’s medical and other financial support. She also provides up-to-date information on fundraising and her husband’s condition on her Facebook page.

“Caleb won’t lengthen it. He will be transferred to Comfort Care tomorrow, and I will be with him until it’s time for him to return to his heavenly father,” Jessica said. GoFundMe On Friday. “I thank all the good and the evil. Caleb once fought for his beliefs, so you have the right to feel what you feel. He was an imperfect man, but he Above all, I loved his family and his little girl. “

NS Huffington Post In July 2020, Wallace reported that he had organized a “free rally” protest against “the government controls our lives.”

He also stated that he was touted as the founder of the San Angelo Freedom Defenders and organized a rally “to end COVID tyranny.” San Angelo Live! And standard time.

In addition, as reported by the Standard Times, Wallace wrote to the San Angelo Independent School District, asking him to overturn COVID-related guidelines.

With the latest information on his condition on Saturday, Jessica New York Times Her husband will be transferred to the hospital hospice and the family will share the final farewell.

Texas is heavily affected by the surge in COVID-19 cases, with some hospitals ICU bed is single digit..

according to Texas Tribune, Health officials warn that the state is “rushing into a huge number of worst surges,” as unvaccinated accounts for the majority of hospitalizations.Data from New York Times It shows that about 47% of the state’s people are fully vaccinated.

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