A Texas minister apologized after showing that a video shot at his church was chanting “Let’s go, Brandon!” To people.

An empty congregation in the church.

Inside the church.Getty Images

  • The Texas Megachurch minister apologized after the video chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” was circulated by the church people.

  • This phrase has been used by conservatives as a coded insult to President Joe Biden.

  • The crowd attended the church for the “ReAwaken America” ​​conference, which featured a former National Security Adviser. Michael flynn..

The popular Texas Megachurch minister apologized after the video his congregation chanted “Let’s go, Brandon” became viral.

The incident unfolded during a meeting in San Antonio, Texas. “ReAwaken America” ​​Tour Organized by allies of former President Donald Trump, including Michael Flynn, CEO of My Pillow, and Mike Lindell.

In this video, hundreds of people applaud, “Let’s go, Brandon!”As someone from the stage Guide them with chants..This phrase is used as a method coded by conservatives Abuse President Joe Biden..

Last month, Southwest Airlines pilots reportedly said, “Let’s go, Brandon.” During flight announcement.. The airline said the case was under investigation.The chant seemed to move beyond the scope of conservative media One of the most successful video game streamers in history used chants in his channell. Also last month, insider Jake Lahut previously reported that the #LetsGoBrandonChallenge hashtag was all the rage on social media, with more than 3.3 million TikTok views of tags as of October 27th.

Following the event, Rev. Matt Hazy of the Cornerstone Church statement Apologize to the church and keep away from the event organizers.

“Last week we allowed an outside organization to host an event at the Cornerstone Church. Unfortunately, the organization was not properly reviewed. It was not appropriate to allow this event in our church. The church has nothing to do with this organization, it has nothing to do with it. I support their view. “

“I was invited to welcome the crowd, thanked the veterans for their service, and their dedication to their faith,” Huggy continued. “As a result of my oversight, I deeply regret what happened in the Sanctuary of Cornerstone and ask for forgiveness.”

Huggy Previously advocated religious exemptions “Our religious freedom is being attacked in the United States today,” he claims to the COVID-19 vaccine for church attendees.

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