A Texas mother states that a “unique” 4-year-old child will die of COVID within a day of showing symptoms.

A preschool 4-year-old girl never arrived at the hospital after being infected with COVID-19 in Texas this week.

According to media reports, within a day of Cali Cook’s symptoms of the virus, she died while sleeping at home.She became The youngest COVID death in Galveston County Since the pandemic began in March 2020, according to KPRC.

Her mother, Kara Harwood, was unvaccinated against the virus that killed nearly 60,000 Texans.

“I was one of the rebellious people, I opposed it“She told Galveston’s Daily News. “Now I wish I had never been.”

Daily News reported that Cali was described by her mother as a “playing with insects and frogs rather than wearing a bow” and “interesting and cheeky.”

She started before school last month According to the Houston Chronicle, at Kenneth E. Little Elementary School in Bacliff.School district Students and staff “highly recommended” Wear a face cover, but it is not required.

Harwood said he didn’t know where Cali was infected with the virus, Chronicles reported. Health officials do not believe she was infected with COVID-19 from the classroom.

The virus spread to Harwood’s home during Curly’s death week. The KPRC reported that the mother tested positive and attempted to quarantine from her family, but her five-month-old son was also caught and taken to the hospital.

“It was serious and I couldn’t believe this would happen,” Harwood told the television station.

Harwood said in a Facebook post She and her fiancé, who she said she had lung problems, were discussing getting a vaccine when an outbreak occurred in her home.

“We are stuck in the house where my baby died because of (COVID-19),” the mother said.

At least as of last week 24 children under 10 years old He died of COVID-19 in Texas, according to the state health department.

Harwood told Daily News that he hopes Cali will not be an anonymous statistic for state deaths.

“She definitely had so much life and was unique,” Harwood wrote on Facebook. “Without her, I can’t and will never fill the holes in my life.”

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