A Texas parent who demanded that Michelle Obama’s biography be removed from school is called the book “Left-wing Indoctrination,” and the document shows.

Michelle Obama at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

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  • One document shows a parent who calls a children’s book about Michelle Obama a “leftist indoctrination.”

  • Parents demanded that the book be removed from the Texas school district.

  • This is one of many attempts to ban books that describe race, gender, or sexuality.

Parents in Texas claimed that the child’s biography of former First Lady Michelle Obama was a “leftist indoctrination” and demanded that the books be removed from the shelves. NBC News reported..

In the “Request for Rethinking Educational Resources,” the unnamed parent, Heather E. Schwartz’s “Michelle Obama: Political Symbol,” portrays former President Trump as a “bullying child” and portrays a white girl. Claimed to be ashamed.

NBC News reporter Mike Hixenbo posted a copy of a parent’s complaint in Katy Independent School District, Texas. twitter Thursday.

According to the form, parents want their children to believe in “the leftist movement with a negative view of another president” and “reverse racism-young white girls”. It is a culturally unacceptable method in today’s society, which states that it believes in teaching. “

“Complete left-wing indoctrination is imposed on every child reading this book,” the parent said in a form.

Attempts to ban books have failed, Insider reported earlier, This is one of Many Plan Ban books National race, gender, sexuality, and Attempts to ban critical race theory.

“As an author, reader, and parent, I, in principle, oppose the forbidden book,” said Schwartz, author of Obama’s biography. I told the insider on Wednesday.. “There was no safer way for children to explore the world and their places within it than to learn about difficult topics, gain new perspectives and read words on the page.”

Katy Independent School District, Texas, Heather E. Schwartz, Michelle Obama did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

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