A Texas woman arrested while feeding spider monkeys at El Paso Zoo

Was a Texas woman Caught in a video feeding spider monkeys According to police, she was arrested after climbing an exhibit at the El Paso Zoo.

According to police, a woman, Ruth Elizabeth Rey, 26, was detained in El Paso County Detention Center for trespassing. Press release..

“A woman was arrested on social media when she broke into the monkey exhibition room at El Paso Zoo and stepped on muddy water,” the agency said.

Ray was released on bail on Thursday, according to online prison records.

A stunt at the zoo caused Rae to lose her job at the Lovett Law Firm. The company said on Monday she was fired and her actions were “irresponsible and reckless.”

“We are supporting the El Paso Zoo and we hope that our thoughts will be directed to spider monkeys, Libby and Sundae and they will recover from this highly traumatic experience,” the company said in a statement. Was. statement..

A video posted on social media showed Ray sitting on a rock in an enclosure, like throwing food at two monkeys.

Zoo director Joe Montisano said: El Paso Times Ray’s actions were “ridiculously” dangerous.

“These are primates. They are strong and have canines. They can get scratched. We don’t touch them every day,” he told the newspaper. “And we wouldn’t interact with them without barriers in between.”

Due to the behavior of women, Montisano said the zoo may need to install high fences around the spider monkey exhibits, which makes it more difficult for guests to see primates. Probably.

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