A Texas woman’s family was killed by police and filed a federal proceeding

Houston (AP) — A family of black women fatally shot near a Texas apartment after wrestling with a police officer in a stun gun applied for federal civil rights on Thursday and they are still seeking her justice. Said.

Pamela Turner, 44, was killed in a parking lot in an apartment in the suburbs of Houston in May 2019 after a confrontation with Juan Delacruz, a Baytown police officer who also lived in an apartment in the suburbs of Houston. Delacruz shot Turner after a battle over a policeman’s stun gun captured by a bystander in the video.

Turner’s family and his lawyer said Turner, who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2005, is suffering. Mental health crisis At the time of shooting.

The proceedings named Delacruz in Baytown, a suburb of Houston, and the apartment complex where the shooting took place.

Delacruz’s lawyer, Greg Cagle, said Thursday that he hadn’t seen the proceedings yet, but reiterated that his clients were only defending themselves.

“If you bring a police officer’s Taser gun, you have a 100% chance of being shot. There is no doubt about that,” Cagle said.

Alice Jauregi, a spokeswoman for Baytown, said the city had not commented on the proceedings in dispute. Cypress Point Equity Partners, the owner of the apartment, did not immediately reply to the email asking for comment.

Turner’s daughter, Chelsea Rubin, 23, said, “We didn’t have the opportunity to mourn because we were hurt and spending a lot of time fighting for her recognition.” .. “All I know is here today. Every day is a battle and we will continue.”

Turner’s family announced a proceeding on her 46th birthday at a press conference in downtown Houston. They were joined by their mother, Tamika Palmer. Breona TaylorA black emergency medical worker shot five times in March 2020 when a white police officer in Louisville, Kentucky served as a warrant.

Rubin and Palmer said Delacruz was angry that he was still hired by the Baytown police.

“We saw him commit a crime. We saw him,” Palmer said. “We saw George Floyd die to pay attention to Breona. Breona died because I learned about Pamela. I’m tired. I’m tired. We’re tired. It’s worth more. “

Both Turner’s family and Taylor’s family are represented by Benjamin Crump, who represents Floyd’s family.

“We are now demanding equal justice for the lives of Pam Turner, Breona Taylor, and black women,” said Crump, who came to Houston from Minneapolis, where former police officer Derek Chauvin is now. Told. Attempt to kill Floyd..

Delacruz Indicted A felony that could impose a life imprisonment of five years if convicted in September 2020 on charges of weighted assault by a civil servant. Cagle said Delacruz has a managerial position within the police station.

After Turner’s deadly shooting, the city of Baytown established the Civil Police Advisory Committee in response to criticism of several police-related cases. In September, Grand jury indicted A former Baytown police officer accused of kicking a man while another was recording a video of their traffic outage.

At the February meeting, the Commission voted in favor of making the issue of how officers answer the phone and interact with individuals with mental illness a top priority.

Pastor and chairman Rafael Montgomery told Baytown Police Interim Chief Mike Holden at the meeting that “the relationship between police and Baytown, especially African Americans, is not very good.”

“These are definitely things we have to improve,” Holden said.


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