A three-foot-long creature with scales found in a drug bust at a Texas home, police say

Advice from a crime stopper led the Texas sheriff’s office to an assortment of infant-length medicines and crocodiles in a man’s home.

Rusk County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Gamewarden Surveyed the house On January 21st, after receiving information about drug distribution and illegal possession of crocodiles, we announced it in a Facebook post.

As a result of the investigation warrant, police officers have found regulated substances such as magic mushrooms, PCP, THC edible foods, arc cartridges, and a pound of marijuana, the post said.

But police also found a three-foot-long visitor in the house: Caiman Alligator, according to the post.

They are transferring chunky animals to Dallas wildlife rescue.

Officers also found firearms and money at home, Post said.

A 44-year-old man was arrested at home and charged with four controlled felony charges.

Rusk County is about 140 miles southeast of Dallas.

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