A TikTok video went viral after it showed a young boy being bitten by a shark while out spearfishing with his father.

An Australian boy appears to have been bitten by a small shark after spearing a fish, the moment was captured on film.

Radwan Alam, the father of 8-year-old Manni Alam, was putting his spearfish in the river with his son. boat side Near Australia’s central Queensland coast, according to FOX Weather.

“Mani, show me what you got,” a man can be heard saying in a video posted to the family’s huntmaster.io TikTok account.

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Shortly after the mani raises the prey to the surface, the shark appears to leap out of the water and grabs the young spearfisher by the upper torso with its mouth. i miss fish seems to have been the target (see video at the top of this article).

Manni spearfishing with a young spearfisher

Eight-year-old Manni Alam holds onto the side of a boat in Australia.

The video has been viewed over 19 million times since it was first uploaded on Sunday, January 29th.


Fox News Digital reached out to Alam for comment.

Mani appeared unharmed and proceeded as follows. joke with his father Fish guts in a follow-up video shared to the Huntmaster.io account.

Commentators mostly praise Mani’s bravery and make fun of the shark’s misfire.

“Lil Brother didn’t even flinch,” wrote one TikTok user.

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“Children will live off of that story for the rest of their lives,” wrote one commentator. “And the shark will get bigger every time he says it!”

“Sharks are like ‘exchanging sea cubs for land cubs,’” quipped another TikTok user.

“[Luckily] It was a baby shark.

Aram hashtagged the term ‘shark attack’ in the caption viral video.

Mani Alam bitten by a small shark in open water

Manni Alam, 8, from Australia got the surprise of a lifetime when a tiny shark accidentally bit him, apparently trying to steal his spearfish. A follow-up video shared by his father shows the boy appears to be unharmed.

Others who commented were skeptical about whether the video was real or fake.

“At first I thought it was real, but don’t be fooled. I know it’s a real shark, but it’s dead,” one person wrote.

“Yeah, you can see the shark being thrown at the kid instead of biting or chasing the fish,” another TikTok user responded.

“There’s no way a diver could launch a shark out of the water that fast,” claimed one commenter.

This week, Alam, Manni and their friend Mo Al-Said appeared on the Today Show Australia, where Alam claimed the video was real. ‘ said.

Shark attacks, or shark bites on humans, are categorized as ‘provoked bites’ if the human initiates the interaction and ‘unprovoked bites’ if the human does not initiate the interaction. . Florida Museum in Florida.

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A gratuitous bite can take the form of a “hit-and-run,” according to museum experts. happens near the beach Occurs when a shark grabs one, quickly releases it, and leaves the area.

Other unprovoked bites include the “sneak bite,” which usually occurs in deep water where the victim cannot see the shark, and the “bump-and-bite,” which usually occurs when the shark circles the target and bumps the victim. is reported to contain. On the head or body before one or more bites.

Over 700 unprovoked shark attacks. recorded in australia Since 1900, more than 170 of these attacks have resulted in fatalities, according to Australia Wide First Aid, a nationally recognized first aid solutions company.

“Shark attack statistics show Australia is the deadliest place in the world when it comes to fatalities from shark attacks,” the first aid company wrote in its report on shark attacks in the country.

Blacktip reef shark

A local Australian news station has identified that a small shark (the shark in the TikTok video is not pictured) that Mannya Alam encountered in the deep sea was likely a blacktip reef shark.

According to Australia Wide First Aid, there have been 148 reported unprovoked shark attacks across six Australian regions between 2012 and 2020.

Eighteen of these recorded attacks have resulted in fatalities.

beach activities, water sports Despite shark attack statistics, various forms of fishing remain popular in Australia.

Shark experts at the Florida Museum and other marine life groups claim that shark attacks are rare and rarely result in death.

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The Florida Museum’s latest Annual Global Shark Attack Summary reports a higher number of indiscriminate bites in the United States in 2021 compared to Australia, but overall, 12 bites and 3 deaths. The mortality rate was low with 47 bites and 1 death.

TikTok users seem to be fascinated by Mani’s fearlessness. come on shark, The young spear fisherman went on another fishing adventure with his father.

A recent video shared to the huntmaster.io account shows Aram and Manni arguing inside what appears to be a marlin.they also have went diving for cod.


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