A toddler was shot in Charlotte on the same day as a fundraising campaign for victims of a seven-year-old shooting

Toddlers were shot dead during a domestic conflict on Charlotte Saturday, according to multiple reports.

WBTV, Charlotte Observer News Partner, and WCNC A one-year-old child reported being shot during a quarrel between two families. The report does not mention how the two families were associated with their children.

The child is expected to be safe, WBTV reports.

Third station, WJZYPolice reported that the baby was not intentionally targeted, but rather believed to have been “in a shootout.”

All three broadcasters report an anonymous suspect was arrested on Saturday night at Isaac Hunter Drive in northwestern Charlotte.

It is unknown whether the suspect is still formally charged. Charlotte police reports on Saturday night and Sunday morning reported several arrests for domestic violence, but none seem to reflect the details of the case. Police did not immediately respond to the observer’s request for further information.

The WCNC reported that on the same day the one-year-old boy was shot, a church group several miles away hosted a fish fly and car wash, raising funds for the seven-year-old boy’s family. A shooting incident near my home in March. She was struck and spent several days in the hospital before being released in April. Previously reported WCNC..

Observers had previously reported that the shooting that injured her was related to another shooting nearby on the same day. The drive-by shooting injured two teenagers. Police finally arrested three men in their twenties for shooting.

Major Brian Foley of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department told members of the community Send police tips About the criminals — And the observers reported to resolve the battle without firing at each other.

“People’s inability to resolve disputes is something we must work together to resolve,” Foley said. “We are asking for help.”

On Friday, the observer reported: Charlotte experienced the killing of 45 people So far this year, there are 10 more people than at the same time last year. Observers reported that police expect at least some increase in crime this year as people go out and interact more as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. But how much? Has not been seen yet.

Last week, Charlotte announced a new program to “hire and train community members from areas affected by violence to prevent violence before it occurs and prevent it from recurring.”

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