A Torrance man allegedly received a strange anti-Asian email from the Church of Scientology

A man has become a recipient of an anti-Asian email that identifies the Church of Scientology as a reply. Torrance, California.

Alex was identified by his name alone, and after returning home from a family trip, saw a personalized letter containing anti-Asian slurs such as “Camphor” and “Dychuck.”

The return address was the address of the Church of Scientology in Commerce.

Immediately after receiving it, he did not open the letter and submitted a report to the Torrance police.

Alex, who lives with his parents, reported that he was happy to see the letter before he saw it. FOX 11.. He is not in contact with other recipients.

He later discovered that the package contained a DVD titled “The Story of Human Rights.”

“I don’t know what it means to do this. I don’t hate the inside, but I still hate the outside.” Alex said.

The church is reportedly sponsoring the website. humanrights.com, Provides a DVD as part of the Educator Kit. However, anyone can get a free copy by simply entering their name and address.

The Church of Scientology denied any connection to the letter. According to the church, the mailing label was automatically generated based on how you filled out the form on the website.

“This letter is clearly fake. Someone filled out an online request form for information about our human rights campaign.” It said in a statement. “This generated an automatic response to the name and address provided. Everyone was upset by using the wrong name, including offensive and malicious expressions.”

Authorities are currently investigating the case as a hate crime.Last month, the department statement Indicates a commitment to “energically investigate” reports of hate crimes within the jurisdiction.

“Whenever this happens, you need to report it to the police. This is the right way to stop hatred.” Alex said.

A month ago, to the Orange County family Handwritten blackmail By mail, it led to an investigation by the FBI and local police. Sending threatening emails is a federal crime, according to the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS).

Screenshots of featured images through FOX 11

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