A town in central Kentucky had a Confederate flag on its city logo. That may have changed.

Last week, the Perryville City Council voted to form a committee to work on the redesign of the city’s logo. It now contains an image of the Confederate flag.

The Perryville logo is topic At a parliamentary meeting in May, when city councilman Tim Simpson proposed to raise the flag of Perryville between the American flags hanging on Second Avenue, according to a post on the city’s Facebook page.

In an interview Tuesday, city councilman Kelly Gray said, “I didn’t even think about what it was and what it would look like until I looked closely at the city logo that night. ..

“I saw the flag and thought,’Oh, I can’t do that,'” she said.

The logo features the words “Battle of Perryville on October 8, 1862,” and a circular landscape painting that includes a cannon and flags of the United States and Confederates. Large images of both flags are adjacent to a circular landscape.

Perryville, Boyle County, was the battlefield of the Civil War, killing, injuring, or missing more than 7,600 soldiers.Today’s battlefield State historic site Popular with history lovers.

Gray said the current city flag represents the battlefield and its associated history rather than the city of Perryville.

“As long as it represents our town, it’s not okay,” she said. “It’s not the impression we want to make.”

Gray said there was “a lot of backlash” in her question about the logo.

The city conducted an informal poll on Facebook asking if residents supported raising the city flag. Most people said so.

“That’s really embarrassing,” Gray said. “… People don’t know how it can hurt or offend others.”

“In general, many people have a strong reaction to change,” she said.

Simpson, a council member who initially proposed to raise the city flag in downtown, The motion was withdrawn by the board (Danville) According to Advocate Messenger, last Thursday, Congress made a new motion to set up a committee to work on the new logo, saying that the city designed the original logo many years ago. I suggested that the same person make a new design.

The newspaper reported that the council voted for the new motion 5 to 1. Both Simpson and Gray are on the design committee.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a statement on Tuesday applauding the city council’s vote. Move the Confederate statues in Charlottesville, Virginia., And Remove inscriptions honoring Confederate soldiers On campus at the University of Virginia.

“The Confederate heritage is one of anti-black racism, slavery, and white supremacy, which should be denied, not celebrated or respected.” “Past races We welcome every effort to address discrimination and move towards a more just and equitable society.

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