A trans woman says a New Jersey diner manager took her to the bathroom and demanded that she “use a men’s room.”

Gender neutral bathroom

On May 3, 2016, the bathroom stalls at the 21C Museum Hotel in Durham, North Carolina, are adorned with signs protesting North Carolina law restricting access to transgender bathrooms.Jonathan Drake / Reuters

  • Trans women said they were discriminated against when diner managers harassed the use of women’s toilets.

  • The manager chased her from the toilet to the table and told her she wasn’t a woman, NJ.com reported.

  • According to Erin Kinahan, “You are a woman in your dreams,” said The Night Manager.

The trans woman told her that the New Jersey diner manager chased her and couldn’t use the women’s toilet. NJ.com..

Erin Kinahan, 63, told NJ.com that Edison Diner’s Night Manager in Edison, NJ, discriminated against her because she was transgender.

Kinahan said the manager approached her at her table after she came out of the ladies’ room.

According to NJ.com, “I want you to use a men’s room from now on,” the unnamed manager told Kinahan. She then told him she was a woman.

“You are the woman in your dreams,” he replied, according to her recollection. “I don’t know what you are.”

“I was completely shocked,” Kinahan told NJ.com. “I was just surprised by his aggressive nature and his combative attitude … people were watching, he was making the scene.”

Edison Diner owner Evan Kalambakas told NJ.com that a male customer first complained to the manager on duty about Kinahan in the women’s toilet.

The manager has not been fired, Karambakas said. Rather, Karambakas plans to take this opportunity as a moment of learning.

“We can fix, review and learn this. This is our approach,” says Karambakas. “I never fired people because they made a mistake. I never did. We try to fix it.”

Still, Karambakas said the manager shouldn’t have approached Kinahan like he did.

“He would go to her and say,’I can’t use the woman’s room anymore,’ and at that point, if she said,’I’m a woman,’ she would say,’I’m sorry.’ It should have been. “

Since the incident, Karambakas has met with all managers and told them that customers can use the bathroom of their choice.

Kinahan, who said she was a regular in the cafeteria, told NJ.com that she was consulting with a lawyer about taking legal action.

She and her friends often eat at diners because they are near the New Jersey Pride Center. Here, Kinahan volunteers to work with LGBT teens.

She said the Night Manager “has a dirty face” on her and her group of friends for weeks, according to NJ.com.

“The public discrimination of me by this confused sick person, here in public, was very degrading and really upset,” Kinahan said.

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